Christmas Dinner


On Christmas Day while we’re all gorging on our dinner with family and/or friends, what will your pets be eating this festive season? My 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Bobby, is spoilt beyond belief but with a liver condition from birth, we have to be careful with the foods we feed him. I’ve teamed up with More Th>n to highlight what you can and can’t feed your dog from your Christmas dinner and other dangers to watch out for around the house.

With a new festive jumper and some carrot batons to line his belly, Bobby would quite happily devour anything in sight. We joke that he’s our little kitchen hoover or our sous chef because he never leaves your side if you’re in the kitchen. From a rogue tomato falling on the ground and trying to prise it out of his mouth to his attempt to steal a whole onion. He sure is one to watch when food is around. Trouble is, while this may all seem funny, some of these foods are toxic to our furry friends and with his liver condition, these can be rather deadly. 

For Christmas, we usually spoil Bobby more than we usually do, its Christmas after all. He gets his own pet-friendly three course Christmas dinner. Want the run down?