Brushing the cobwebs off my blog, today marks 2 months that I’ve been gone.

2 months. Sigh.

I never expected to vanish for this long. Sure I’ve had hiatuses before but this time it wasn’t of my choosing. My blog was hacked a few months ago without any inkling and then one day, my web host disabled it. Cue a few days of freaking out, wondering how they managed to hack it and then a few weeks of searching through hundreds of files, years worth of content for any suspicious code. 

Last month I though I had cleared it all, only for more malicious code to appear on some files. Argh. Why me? To be fair it did give me a kick up the ass to clear out a mountain of redundant files from the back end but you don’t want to be bored with that. 

The most important thing is that I’m back with a whole new look that I hope you all like and continue to follow the adventures of my life. 

2017 sure has been full of adventures and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to with you all.

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  1. Welcome back boo! Now I need a revamp mine hasn’t changed for the past 8 years or so hehehe I need a new fresh design!

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