November 2017


2017 is the year of firsts for me.

In September, I said goodbye to the Suburban Wilderness I called home since my grandfather passed away in 2008 and started living with my boyfriend in our own apartment in the West End of Glasgow. Ross & I have also decided to cook Christmas Dinner for my parents (and dog), giving my mom a well deserved break from all the stress and panic that always seems inevitable.

Seeing the amount of stress for perfection on my moms face every year, I want to try to mitigate any arguments with Ross over who’s in charge of what, who didn’t check on the food before it burnt and who didn’t turn on the hob to boil water for the vegetables. Not that those scenarios have occurred in the past. Cough.

When Harrods sent me one of their luxury Christmas hampers as an early gift, I knew that the contents would be put to good use on the run up to Christmas and on the day itself making us the perfect hosts.

Brushing the cobwebs off my blog, today marks 2 months that I’ve been gone.

2 months. Sigh.

I never expected to vanish for this long. Sure I’ve had hiatuses before but this time it wasn’t of my choosing. My blog was hacked a few months ago without any inkling and then one day, my web host disabled it. Cue a few days of freaking out, wondering how they managed to hack it and then a few weeks of searching through hundreds of files, years worth of content for any suspicious code.