Even though I’m addicted to coffee, there are times when only tea will do. I love nothing better than a big ol’ mug of tea on days when my stomach is killing me- the downfall of having severe IBS and the stabbing pains that go along with it. 

The Tea Makers of London recently sent me Dragon Well Supreme Green Tea and Peppermint Tea to sample. They offer a large selection of high-end teas from tea gardens across the world, hand-picked by experts. Their aim is to offer a range of teas that are different from the usual teas other brands provide. 

The Tea Makers of London- Green Tea Leaves

They succeeded in that, I had never heard of Dragon Well Supreme before. The tea is derived from Hangzhou in the Zhejiang Province of China, where it is hand dried using traditional methods. The tea leaves were good quality, very fragrant and I was surprised at how large they were. I left the tea to brew for around 10 minutes in a tea infuser before pouring. The tea was very soothing and less bitter than other green teas I’ve tried. 

The Tea Makers of London- Peppermint Tea Leaves

Peppermint Tea is my all time favourite and I have to admit that The Tea Makers of London make a very good cup of tea. Naturally caffeine free, clean and refreshing, it was perfect. As soon as I opened the tin of tea leaves, I was first met with the intense peppermint fragrance, an intensity that did not go away, even after brewing. I put two teaspoons of leaves into my infuser and left to brew for 5 minutes.

The Tea Makers London- Peppermint Leaves Wet

The result was a clean, smooth, refreshing cup of tea. Of the two teas, this was the one I could see myself drinking daily (and have been). During the past few days, it’s been rather warm so I’ve been drinking the tea cold with some ice cubes, it works! You get the benefits of the peppermint along with the nice cold refreshing sensation.

The Tea Makers London- Teacup

The Tea Makers of London provided me with a tea infuser to brew my tea like no other, it was a handy little contraption which acts like a cafetière and when it has brewed, you place the spring mechanism over your cup and it pushes the tea into your cup. Snazzy! 

You can buy tea leaves from The Tea Makers of London website along with glassware to help you brew and serve. They even have a sale going on at the moment where you can get 50% off certain blends.

Do you like a good cup of tea? What is your favourite type? Are you a green tea or a Tetley type of person? 

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