I’ve loved going to the zoo ever since I was a little kid. I can’t get enough of the animals, in particular, flamingos, lions, chimps, koalas, giraffes and orangutans. One of my most memorable trips was visiting Singapore Zoo with my grandparents when they came to visit. I had a python wrapped around my arms, rode an elephant and joined an orangutan family (I fitted right in with my red hair!). It was fun!

I had never been to a zoo in the UK until I visited Edinburgh Zoo last month for one of their Edinburgh Zoo Nights. This is an adult-only event where you can enjoy street food in a relaxed atmosphere, wander round and see the animals in the early evening along with some life-sized animatronic dinosaurs in their own lost world enclosure. Snazzy! 

Ross & I wandered around the zoo for over 3 hours taking photos of the animals, eating some food and trying not to pass out while trekking up the hill to the dinosaurs. I loved the fact we could roam around the zoo without a massive crowd, screaming kids (sorry!) and at times, felt like we had the entire zoo to ourselves. Even though we didn’t get to see the meerkats, lions or tigers due to them hiding or the pandas due to breeding season, we enjoyed ourselves. Edinburgh Zoo Nights only occurs a few times in a calendar year and sadly all tickets for 2015 are sold. Don’t let this stop you from going to the zoo though, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of fun no matter what!

Edinburgh Zoo Nights- Flamingo

Edinburgh Zoo Nights- Chimpanzee Eating

Edinburgh Zoo Nights- Lowland Nyala

Edinburgh Zoo Nights- Chimpanzee lying down

Edinburgh Zoo Nights- Zebra

Do you love going to the zoo? What is your favourite animal? Got a favourite zoo? Let me know!

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  1. I’ve not been to edinburgh zoo in years! My boyfriend is loving the new dino’s so we want to go through soon and check them out in person. Also meant to say about your last comment on my blog, I used the sleep cycle app and it really helped too! It was so strange hearing the noises recorded during the night (mostly cats creeping about and me snoring, haha) xx

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