July 2015


I’ve walked past The Millennium Hotel on George Square numerous times, all the while peaking through the glass windows at the diners. It is a place that I had never really thought about eating in as Glasgow has an abundance of great restaurants. That was until I was asked to visit the hotel and meet executive head chef Jean-Paul Giraud over dinner. 

Only a stones throw away from Queen Street Station, The Brasserie on George Square couldn’t be in a better location if it tried, right in the heart of Glasgow.  The hotel is always filled to the brim with tourists and business travellers alike. My mom and I were welcomed by the Brasserie Manager and shown to our table in the conservatory overlooking George Square. The perfect location for people watching as you eat. 

Chef Giraud developed the Brasserie menu, which reflects his French training, upbringing and incorporates the best seasonal Scottish produce. Just by looking at the menu and décor, you can tell that it has French cuisine at its core. 

I’ve loved going to the zoo ever since I was a little kid. I can’t get enough of the animals, in particular, flamingos, lions, chimps, koalas, giraffes and orangutans. One of my most memorable trips was visiting Singapore Zoo with my grandparents when they came to visit. I had a python wrapped around my arms, rode an elephant and joined an orangutan family (I fitted right in with my red hair!). It was fun!

I had never been to a zoo in the UK until I visited Edinburgh Zoo last month for one of their Edinburgh Zoo Nights. This is an adult-only event where you can enjoy street food in a relaxed atmosphere, wander round and see the animals in the early evening along with some life-sized animatronic dinosaurs in their own lost world enclosure. Snazzy! 

Even though I’m addicted to coffee, there are times when only tea will do. I love nothing better than a big ol’ mug of tea on days when my stomach is killing me- the downfall of having severe IBS and the stabbing pains that go along with it. 

The Tea Makers of London recently sent me Dragon Well Supreme Green Tea and Peppermint Tea to sample. They offer a large selection of high-end teas from tea gardens across the world, hand-picked by experts. Their aim is to offer a range of teas that are different from the usual teas other brands provide. 

The Tea Makers of London- Green Tea Leaves

When I feel like steak for dinner, I usually get a rib eye for its soft marble, succulence and flavour. It’s been my staple go-to cut for a number of years. However, when Donald Russell contacted me to ask if I’d give their Pave Rump Steaks a try, I welcomed the change. 

Royal Warrant holders, Donald Russell, opened its doors to trade customers in 1974. They supply gourmet meats to high-end restaurants and hotels in the UK and worldwide, and over the years has become one of the UK’s best-known places to buy meat online. A huge selection includes beef, lamb, pork and mutton as well as veal, poultry, venison and game. They also have a rather impressive seafood selection. A place after my own heart.

Donald Russell- Pave Rump Steak

I’m personally not a fan of a lot of fat in red meat due to an accident with Roast Beef when I was a child. Some fat wrapped around my uvula (or dangly bit!) and I was fighting to breathe while choking. Luckily my parents performed the hymek manoeuvre on me and all was well again. It still haunts me.