Whilst the majority of people like their homes to be highly personal places, locations where one can hide away and relax, far from the hustle and bustle of the outside work, there will often come a time when old friends, family members or even well-meaning strangers will come into your home, demanding a place to stay! If you’re not sure how to cope with this new found intrusion, or want to make your guests’ stay all the more amazing, here are a few top tips to make their stay all the merrier!

The Bed

If you went to stay in another person’s spare room and were presented with a lumpy, creaky, worn and stained bed, how would you feel? Would you sleep soundly? We’re guessing that the answers to both of those questions are “no”, so make sure that the guest bed is up to scratch before letting someone stay. Space saving divans can be a great choice for guest rooms; they’re compact and can act as a form of storage; and can be bought for a surprisingly low price at online bedroom furniture retailers such as Bedstar. So much better than that old worn out piece of junk…

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Make Their Room Welcoming

Walking in to a bare, unwelcoming room (much like the one pictured above!) is not a sight guests are going to be enamored with. The solution? Spice up the guest room with patchwork or woollen throws, rugs, interesting reading material and art. Even if your spare room is never used for any specific purpose 99% of the year, you should still put your artistic mark on it in tune with the design of the rest of the home.

The Finishing Touches

This tip is definitely for the hosts that want to impress their guests, since through adding a number of fun, useful little things, one can recreate a near hotel-like feeling in their home. Think about providing towels and mini toiletries – laid out at the end of the bed, naturally – and adding things like fresh flowers to brighten up the space. If your guest is staying for a while, think about popping a television in the room, especially if they’re going to be inhabiting the house whilst you’re out or at work. Finally – and this is the most important thing for you to make sure you do – clean the room! Thoroughly. Waking up in a room only to notice damp, spiders’ webs, grime etc will only make your guest want to leave!

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Note: In collaboration with Olivia Prat

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