What do you get when you combine bloggers with baking? A bake off like no other. The weekend before last saw the entire Central Scotland Food and Lifestyle Bloggers (a tad exaggerated but close enough) descend upon The Cookery School in Glasgow for the ultimate all-day baking class where we’d learn to make scones, cupcakes, victoria sponge and chocolate chip muffins courtesy of Currys and Kenwood. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday, right? It got even better when we got to take our goodies home and scoff them.

Currys in the Kitchen- Danny from Glasgow Cook School

The day started bright and early (okay, it was 11am) where I reached for the biggest cup of coffee while chatting to bloggers I hadn’t seen in a while and acquainted myself with new bloggers. It was then time to watch the Head Chef Danny McArdle demo what we were going to make before pairing off into groups. I teamed up with Miss West End Girl, Last Years Girl and Glasgow Beauty Blogger calling ourselves Team Sparkle.

Currys in the Kitchen- Mixing Bowl

As self appointed Baking Project Manager, I b̶o̶s̶s̶e̶d̶ delegated my fellow team members to ensure we whipped up our mixes perfectly. Just like in any good team, we each took turns grabbing ingredients, measuring, whisking and prepping our goodies for the oven, in between stopping and starting so many times to take the perfect photograph. I have to admit I have slight OCD when it comes to baking, I need cake mix to be smooth to stop an uneven bake. I’m pretty sure I annoyed the rest of the team when I was smoothing out the victoria sponge and cupcake mix. Ooops.

After prepping each bake for the oven, we handed over the hard work of baking it to the staff at The Cookery School while we took little breaks, tweeting & instagramming the afternoon away. We did have an ulterior motive with the mass amount of #CurrysInTheKitchen posts, we were vying to win one of two Kenwood Patissier Mixers if we could come up with the best baking tip.  Alas, I didn’t win but I’m super glad that Ruth from BeautyH2T and Charlotte from Colours and Carousels did because we each got a snazzy Kenwood kMix Hand Mixer to take home with us along with a lovely goodie bag.

Want to know what my top baking tip is? Baking is a science but trusting your judgement is key to the perfect bake. If the recipe says it takes 20-25 minutes for the cake to be ready but at 18 minutes you think it’s cooked, trust yourself. Test it with a toothpick to ensure it’s clean. If you second guess yourself too much, you could end up ruining your bake and no one wants that!

I had a wonderful afternoon at The Cookery School. If you haven’t been before, it’s a great place for day or night cookery classes. I’ve been three times now and cannot recommend it enough. I first went to learn how to make macarons (thanks to a wonderful Christmas present from Ross) and then for my birthday when a group of us went to a night cookery class. Fun times had by all.

Currys in the Kitchen- Kenwood K Mix

Have you been to a cookery school before? If so, what class did you take part in? Have you made anything you were taught since?


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