I love street food, the kind of street food that is quick, cheap & most importantly, tastes amazing. I loved grabbing Roti Prata & Curry Sauce from Singaporean hawker stalls for $1 (50p) when I was a kid or a Chicken Shawarma for 250 fils (50p) from Kuwaiti road side shops when I was a teenager.

In Glasgow, we are a long long way away from embracing street food in the same way it has taken over London. Glasgow is full of greasy burger vans which don’t look the cleanest and do not offer any healthy options, unless you call chips and the lettuce on your burger healthy. Does that mean there is no demand for decent good quality street food in the city? Think again.

Eats From The Street- Glasgow Fort

Street food was rather unknown in Glasgow until the likes of Street Food Cartel started their underground pop-ups at SWG3 which launched street food with a bang. Since then, a variety of different food outlets such as Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Smoak and Fire in Babylon have made Glasgow fall in love with good quality international street food. Sadly, you won’t be seeing any street food trucks roaming the streets of Glasgow anytime soon as Glasgow City Council have red tape as long as a piece of string. It’s a shame because chefs and budding entrepreneurs who may not have enough money to own their own restaurants find it tremendously difficult to break into the food industry. That is what makes street food stalls and food trucks appealing. Not to mention the variety of different cuisines that are readily available for consumers. Talking about food trucks, have you seen the movie CHEF? You really should!

I popped along to Glasgow Fort who were hosting the first Eats from the Street in collaboration with British Street Food. The aim is to celebrate street food culture around the UK starting in Glasgow. They will also be visiting Glasgow Fort a further four weekends before the New Year along with  Edinburgh, Teeside & Broughton.

Eats From The Street Bus Sign- Glasgow Fort

Over each weekend there will be five street food traders including Nusou, who were chosen to represent Scotland at the 2014 British Street Food Awards with their bowls of noodles and fresh-ribboned vegetables.

Eats From The Street- Glasgow Fort- Breaking Bread

Eats From The Street- Glasgow Fort- Breaking Bread Menu

Eats From The Street- Glasgow Fort- Nusou

Eats From The Street- Glasgow Fort- The Fat Hippo Menu

Eats From The Street- Glasgow Fort- The Fat Hippo

There was seriously so much choice but I decided to try the Lamb Sausage Tagine from Glasgow based Breaking Bread and Ross opted for the Little Hippo burger from Newcastle based Fat Hippo which included bacon, chorizo, cheese, caramelised onions and fat hippo sauce. Both were delicious and very filling. I wanted to try some Waffle Sticks from Zoete Koek but I was full. I’m still kicking myself at missing out on them.

Eats From The Street- Glasgow Fort- Breaking Bread Lamb Sausage Tagine

Eats From The Street- Glasgow Fort- Eating on the London Bus

Eats From The Street- Glasgow Fort- The Fat Hippos Little Hippo Burger

That is why I’m making it my mission to attend every weekend they are in town so I get to sample food from each stall. I’m rather excited about Papaganoush who will be at Glasgow Fort just after Christmas dishing out Middle Eastern Street Food. Will they do it justice?

Did you miss out on the food extravaganza when it was first in town at the beginning of October? Well don’t worry because it will be back again on the dates below for some more delectable curb crawling.

Dates for Glasgow Fort:

Sat 1st & Sun 2nd November
Sat 29th & Sun 30th November
Sat 27th & Sun 28th December

When in Glasgow, Eats from the street will be located in front of Argos from 11.30am to 6.00pm.

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