Way back in July when Glasgow was the host to the amazing Commonwealth Games, I popped over to Royal Exchange Square and had Afternoon Tea at the John Lewis pop-up Tea On The Green. Celebrating 150 years and being the official department store of the Games, the pop-up was created to be a calming green sanctuary in the heart of Glasgow where you could unwind, refuel and enjoy some delectable treats while soaking in the atmosphere around you, for free.

We walked into the little Oasis and were met with super friendly staff who showed us to our tables. Using furniture and accessories from the department store, the décor was beautiful. Hats off to the Interior Designers because they made such a small space look fabulous. Each table had views of the giant TV that was broadcasting sporting events live along with a variety of different clocks displaying the current time in various Commonwealth countries. A lovely touch.

John Lewis Tea On The Green- Table Setting

John Lewis Tea On The Green- Cutlery

We were given a little drinks menu where we had the choice of juices, non-alcoholic cocktails, teas and coffees. Since it was Afternoon Tea, I opted for the Peppermint Tea and some Orange Juice. A short while later, we were met with a wonderful array of Sandwiches and Cakes. My eyes lit up instantly when I saw them, almost too good to eat. I decided to be good and have a little sandwich first. Unfortunately for me, Smoked Salmon sandwiches were on our plate. I’ve never quite liked Smoked Salmon so I left those sandwiches for Ross to devour and stole all the Egg & Cress ones for myself. That’s only fair, isn’t it? Oh yes.


John Lewis Tea On The Green- Peppermint Tea Closeup

John Lewis Tea On The Green- Afternoon Tea

Choosing which cake to have was the worst part, it almost came down to flipping a coin to see who would get the little Millionaires Shortcake. I won, naturally. I let Ross have the Scones, fairs fair!

John Lewis Tea On The Green- Afternoon Tea Scones

John Lewis Tea On The Green- Afternoon Tea Cakes

John Lewis Tea On The Green- Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

It was a delightful afternoon watching the world go by for an hour, if only we could have Afternoon Tea every weekend. Could we make that a new law? Do you love Afternoon Tea? Where is your favourite place to go? Do you fight for sandwiches and cakes like I do? Or am I just greedy?

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