Healthy isn’t one word you’d use to describe me. My boyfriend however, is a complete health freak. He rarely eats carbs at home, doesn’t snack on junk and loves going to the gym. I’ve been trying to get a little healthier in what I eat so when Indigo Herbs sent me a bag full of goodies to try out with Ross, it was the ideal opportunity to start getting my act together. It was time to acquaint myself with Acai, Wheatgrass, Spirulina and Hemp Superfoods, to name a few!

Indigo Herbs is a small family run business based in Glastonbury which has been operating for around 20 years. Their mission is to inspire and empower people to take responsibility for their own health by providing the finest natural health products at affordable prices. Will I be converted? 

Ross & I decided to use the ingredients provided to make a couple of drinks and something you can eat for breakfast or as a snack to re-fuel and boost your energy. I had never tried any of the ingredients before so this was the perfect way to be introduced to them. Below are the recipes and the reasons behind choosing them.

Fruity Acai Bowl

Indigo Herbs- Acai Bowl

Indigo Herbs- Acai Bowl

This is a perfect beginning to your day. You can top the bowl with anything you like but this bowl is full of berries so you can easily get your 5 a day. It also helps boost your energy levels, great for 6am starts that I’ve been having this week!

  • 1 Frozen Banana, slightly thawed
  • 150ml Almond Milk
  • 10g Acai Powder
  • 5g Bilberry
  • 1 Capful Natural Vanilla
  • Handful Blackberries
  • Handful Strawberries
  • Handful Goji Berries
  • Handful Pumpkin Seeds
  • Handful Shaved Dried Coconut

Add banana, almond mik, acai, bilberry and natural vanilla into a big bowl and blend until smooth. Transfer into a smaller bowl and top with your favourite toppings, in my case berries, pumpkin seeds and coconut.

Post Workout Recovery Smoothie

Indigo Herbs- Post Workout Recovery Smoothie

God knows I need everything possible to help me feel ‘normal’ after exercise. Whenever I go to the gym or go on a long walk, I love nothing better than an ice cold drink. Water, as good as it is, won’t help put nutrients back into your body so this is a good way to instantly inject yourself with the good stuff. Who needs Lucozade and their electrolytes.

  • 20g Hemp Protein Powder
  • 5g Beetroot Powder
  • 5g Banana Powder
  • 200ml Coconut Water
  • Handful Blackberries
  • Ice Cubes

Blend all ingredients together and pour into a large glass or cup. Don’t worry about the ice. Your blender should be able to cope!

Green Green Grass Shot

Indigo Herbs- Green Green Grass Shot

A healthy shot that may not taste the best, but is rammed full of greeny goodness. Ideal to give you a boost if you’re tired.

  • 5g Spirulina
  • 4g Wheatgrass
  • 75ml Coconut Water
  • Ice Cubes

Mix everything together and add ice cubes. Drink it all in one.

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