When you think of Haggis, do you think of creepy lopsided creatures roaming the hills or offal and sheeps stomach? I for one would much prefer to see the creepy creatures that taste oh so good when caught. Sadly, that isn’t reality and MacSween Haggis are on a mission to re-define our views on Haggis with the Edinburgh Fringe show Haggis Haggis Haggis. It was my first time in Edinburgh during the Fringe and this was a light introduction to what the Fringe had to offer.

haggis haggis haggis

The show tells the story of Haggis, the history behind Scotland’s most famous dish and Robert Burns. At times, the show is rather surreal and tongue in cheek but mixed with non-stop laughters and being educated at the same time, it’s a must see show. Where else in Edinburgh can you watch a show and be offered snacks mid-performance?

Sadly, the Fringe is almost over but you can still check out this show if you’re in town. If you’ve seen it or plan to, please let me know what you though! Do you like Haggis?

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