At noon today, a new home on the internet will be created, the .scot domain name arrives giving individuals and businesses the chance to snap up the much coveted .scot name instead of existing options such as .com and which seem rather passé now compared to the new edition on the scene and the fight for the best name starts! The new domain is one of a number of new domains that are becoming available this year, alongside many others representing specific communities like .wales, .london, .berlin, .paris and .NYC. Within Scotland, over 50 “pioneers” have already signed up to be the first to lead the way. They include the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland, PR firm Weber Shandwick, Scottish Bakers, Clan Wallace, Yes Scotland and Better Together. The .scot domain has been a long nine year journey for the non profit company ‘Dot Scot Registry’ and it’s Director Gavin McCutcheon. Any surpluses raised by the selling of .scot names is being planned to be ploughed into digital skills training in the coming years. The independent non profit status of the company was a deliberate policy decision, backed by the Scottish Government, to ensure that the .scot domain does not operate as a privately-controlled commercial product but instead benefits the community. Gavin McCutcheon says:

“This is a fantastic day for Scotland online and gives our nation a chance to stand out, and be seen as the digital pioneer that many know it to be. Owning a .scot domain will allow people and organisations a new unique way to express their identity online.  It’s a community domain intended for everybody who lives and works in Scotland, and for the 50 million people around the globe who are part of Scotland’s diaspora. It’s a chance for people here in Scotland, and for Scottish communities abroad, to allow build cultural and economic links as well as providing a strong Unique Selling Point for brands.” “After such a long campaign to secure the new .scot domain we’re delighted that we can launch when the eyes of the world are on Scotland, with the Commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow next week. I also particularly pleased that among our pioneers domains is which highlights the legacy that the Games will offer to Scotland.“

For the next 60 days only Pioneers will be allowed to use the .Scot TLD  but others are invited to register interest via After September 23 2014, the domain will be open to all to purchase names and use them as they see fit. A high amount of interest has been noticed by Richard Stevenson of 1&1 Internet Ltd, Europe’s largest domain name registrar. He states that:

“A brand new study of 2000 UK consumers, commissioned by Fasthosts Internet Ltd  finds the strongest demand for regional web identity across the British Isles is from Scottish consumers, with 71 per cent admitting they are more likely to buy from a firm that used a .SCOT web address.  The same proportion agreed that Scottish firms should adopt a Scottish web address promptly.”

Some of the domain names already registered are: Yes Scotland Better Together Johnston Press Johnston Press SCVO SCVO The Clan Wallace Society Worldwide Scottish Enterprise Scottish Enterprise Scottish Government Scottish Government Scottish Government Scottish Government Scottish Government University of the Highlands and Islands

Do you think having a .scot domain name is a good idea? Will you register one? If so, what would you call it? Have you already snapped one up? Let me know your thoughts on not only the new .scot domain but also the upcoming homes such as .london, .paris and .NYC.

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