When my parents bought my grandfathers house after he passed away, they got a huge extension built. As part of the extension, I had my bedroom designed by my dad (with input by myself) and an architect which included a walk-in wardrobe. By the time the extension completed, it was time to paint and buy furniture for the entire house. We painted every day for weeks, we got sick of it. So sick that I still need to gloss the doors to my walk-in wardrobe til this day, years later (does anyone know a good cheap painter?!)

For a while now, I’ve become bored with how my bedroom looks. It’s messy and not how I really envisioned it to look after the extension was complete (except the lovely Duck Egg walls) and I’m slowly trying to change that. The first thing to change for me was the bed. I was sleeping in an old king size bed which belonged to my grandparents which I revamped when I moved in. The mattress was rather annoying and my back was suffering. Along with my mom, we read a few sleeping guides and went window shopping for beds in every nearby decor store imaginable, it was EXHAUSTING. I knew that I wanted a divan bed with storage underneath and had a rough budget in mind of under £500.

After trying five different stores, I finally found the perfect memory foam bed. What I didn’t envision was that the bed didn’t come with a head board and I had to purchase a headboard separately. I suppose the reasoning for this is so you can pick one to your taste instead of a fixed headboard which you may end up hating. Headboard shopping was rather easy, it had to be white and modern, which I also purchased at Carpetright, who also sell beds (who knew?!)

The rest of my furniture was bought at IKEA and I’m constantly looking for accessories to bring some life into the room. Pinterest is my playground for accessory inspiration and I’ve started a board for gathering all my ideas together.

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In the next few months, I hope to finally have the bedroom that I’ve always wanted and when I do, I’ll take photographs showing it off. I just need time… and money!

What do you use for inspiration? What does your bedroom look like? Do you have a colour scheme you love? What are your favourite bedroom accessories?

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