When I got my driving license two and a half years ago, I bought my car an hour after passing my test. I bought a brand new pre-registered car and never thought about buying a used car. Why? I didn’t know what to look for, if the car was any good, the mileage scared me and I was worried I’d be ripped off. Before buying my car, the weeks before my test, I investigated lots of cars I liked and I knew what features I wanted. All gadgets that is.

My car is three years old in November and I want to get a new one because quite frankly, I’m bored with it. My car has been wonderful to me but I just want more. I never initially wanted to buy a second hand car but they are cheaper than brand new ones so it got me thinking.

Car Shop created the infographic below for things to check when buying a used car which is really helpful. It covers a lot of things to look for and doesn’t seem as scary anymore.  Just before November comes, I’m going to go car shopping again and I’m going to have a look at second hand cars, bringing this knowledge with me, and see if I can find my perfect gadget filled car which is within budget and a better deal than a brand new car.

Here’s hoping anyway!

buying-a-used-car info graphic

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