ddPlanet Earth is a vast and varied world that contains areas from freezing cold wastelands to rainforests teeming with life, to places with almost continual rainfall to parts of the world that do not see rain for years at a time. With this variety there will always be something new to see around the globe and this is why so many people each year choose to leave their homelands to travel the world and discover the new sights, sounds and cultures that vary from continent to continent and country to country.

If you’ve made that decision to go travelling, the biggest question about your trip is where should you go? We list our favourite places to travel to here depending on what you’re favourite pastimes and interests are.

  • Top Places to Visit……If You’re an Animal Lover

Of course, where you choose to visit in the world as animal lover will of course will depend upon what kind of animals you are head over heels about, but there are numerous places around the world where you can volunteer to work and spend time with animals in their natural habitats. For those who are interested in helping primates, Sumatra is a perfect place to visit as there is ongoing work to assist the countries orang-utan population that is in serious danger of extinction due to deforestation. All volunteers are welcome for this project, while the Elephant Nature Park in North Thailand is also looking for volunteers to assist with rescued elephants and rainforest restoration.

Both of these will get you up close and personal with the animals, but if you’re a fan of smaller and furrier types of animals you could always visit the Japanese island of ÅŒkunoshima. The island is overrun with rabbits – they’re everywhere! – and with hunting and dogs forbidden the chance to surround yourself with countless bunnies could not be easier.

  • Top Places to Visit……If You’re a Gambler

Depending on where you’d like to go to spend your time playing casino games, such as poker, roulette, bingo, blackjack and countless others that allow you to turn your money into more – or lose it all trying – there are three main places you can go in the world, unless of course you like to play online. The most famous is, of course, the Las Vegas strip with its lights, bars, casinos and risqué entertainment located in the Nevada desert, If you’re traveling around Asia and you’re looking for the Vegas experience, then a trip to Macau, located near Hong Kong, would be right up your street.

For the classiest of all three major gambling hot spots around the world you’d need to arrive in Europe and help towards the Mediterranean and Monte Carlo. The Monaco tax haven is one of the most exclusive areas in Europe, if not the world, and it caters to gamblers at the other end of the scale to the Las Vegas party crowd. All are well worth a visit though. Las Vegas particularly around New Years Eve is fun

  • Top Places to Visit……If You’re a Sports Fan

Like the animal lovers, where to go in the world as a sports fan will depend entirely on what sports you are interested in. However, there are several places that cater to a large variety of events that will see you entertained no matter the sport of your choosing. Melbourne, Australia is one of these as it hosts the first Grand Slam of the tennis season at the end of January and for half of February before less than a month later showcasing the first Grand Prix of the Formula One season too. It also has the world famous Melbourne Cup horse race and the Melbourne Cricket Ground that has hosted The Ashes and Cricket World Cup matches, amongst many other games and sports.

Another excellent place to visit is Barcelona in Spain, with this city hosting a clay court tennis tournament that builds up to May’s French Open Grand Slam, the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix and it is the home of one of the most famous football teams in the world of soccer. If you’re interested in football then Rio de Janeiro in Brazil would be another place to check off your list with it hosting the World Cup this summer and then two years later, in 2016, it will be the home of the Olympic Games.

No matter the activity you wish to choose to partake in there will always be several places around the world that you can choose to stop and create some lifelong memories. As well as this our planet holds so many wonders to see and do you can continually travel for the rest of your life and experience something new and exciting each and every day. What are you waiting for?

Photo Credit: Elia Locardi


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