Glaswegians have their own favourite parts of the city, be it the West End, South Side, City Centre, Merchant City or the East End. I’m ashamed to admit that even though I’ve lived in the city since moving back in 2006, I still have no idea where most places are. I have my “comfy” areas of Merchant City, Sauchiehall Street, Argyle St, Buchanan Street, Great Western Road and Byres Road. Other than that, I have literally no idea.

Sure, there are horror stories about certain locations thanks to TV documentaries, but Glasgow is a wonderful place. Why else would it have been named City of Culture in the 90’s, announced as the host for the upcoming Commonwealth Games and where Hollywood comes to film with A List movie stars?

To me, Glasgow is the best city in Scotland. It has the best shopping district outside of London, an amazing night life, great restaurants and as they say; the people make Glasgow. The city is brimming full of culture, havens and hidden gems which inspire us.

I’ve teamed up with American Express to help source your favourite (preferably free) hideaways throughout the city and create a digital map highlighting these for fellow Glaswegians (& tourists) to visit and give others a unique and different insight into our home town.

So this is where you come in… Where are you most inspiring hidden places in Glasgow? It can be anything such as:

  • the perfect spot to sit and watch the world go by
  • a great market
  • the best place to read a book in the sun
  • the best picnic spot
  • interesting exercise routes, where do you love to run?
  • must visit music hangouts
  • the best cobbled street
  • the must go to destination to get the best views of the city
  • the best busker in town that people have to stop and listen to
  • the cobbled backstreet ideal for people watching for fashion inspiration

A few of my favourite haunts in the city are:

  1. Sitting under a tree in Glasgow Green on a sunny day with good friends & some drinks.
  2. People watching on Buchanan Street. There is a little bench near the subway station where I love sitting with a coffee and just watch the world go by.
  3. Duck Bay on the banks of Loch Lomond. Sure it’s a little outside of Glasgow but it’s where I love to go and breathe fresh air, recharging myself. It’s a great picnic spot and I love dipping my toes into the water.
  4. The buskers on Sauchiehall Street, in particular Matt Comley. I literally stop what I’m doing to listen to him.
  5. The fairy lights in Royal Exchange Square make me fall in love with Glasgow all over again. There is something about that area that is très romantic.

Why are the places you love special to you? When is the best time to go? Is it a place to go solo or with family and friends?

Once all the hidden spots have been collated by myself, I’ll be visiting them all, taking photographs. American Express will then be creating an informative and interactive digital map of Glasgow which I’ll be sharing with you all to help inspire you to rediscover Glasgow.

So get sharing…


  1. A real Glasgow secret is the Sixty Steps, on Queen Margaret Road, off Queen Margaret Drive (G20 6DP) – a massive retaining wall and, yes, sixty steps, that were designed by the great Glasgow architect Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson in the early 1870s. The steps, a public right of way, look out across the river Kelvin towards Hamilton Drive, and it is a sort of fantastical folly – complete with hidden doorway and a pillared ‘bellevue’.
    There’s a free event to celebrate it being held as part of the West End Festival on Sunday 15 June… Come and see it for yourself. It’s awesome!

    • wow! that is amazing! I’ve never heard of that before. Definitely need to check it out! Thank you SO much!

  2. Gordy Smith Reply

    One of my favs is going to the Grosvenor Cinema in Ashton Lane, even the Lane itself on a summer night is wee hidden gem its so full of life with all the students about but if its for watching a film gotta be the Grosvenor, big comfy two seaters at the back to chill and watch a blockbuster or a smaller independent film I’d chose it any time over going to an Odeon or Cineworld

  3. Eloise Armstrong Reply

    Strolling through the greenhouse at the botanic gardens. My boyfriend took me there on my first visit to glasgow; two years later were still together and I now live in glagow, so it was one of our first dates together and definitely my first ‘date’ with the city.

    • I’ve actually NEVER been there! I know a couple who married in there…. could be your venue sometime too 😉 thanks for letting me know! If you’ve got any more, please do share!

  4. Ginger bottles Reply

    Market – Blochairn
    Read a book – Auchinlea park is usually ok and if you get bored you can nip over to the Fort
    Picnic – maybe Molensinar Park or whatever it’s called. Has a waterfall, looks nice but never been.
    Views – Cathkin braes
    Music hangout – sub club
    Cobbled street – Goosedubbs!

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