Films and music are part of how we define ourselves when we’re growing up – they provide our cultural reference points and can shape our opinions, social groups, and how we live our lives in general. What teenager doesn’t have a bedroom wall covered in posters? What guy (and girl!) in his 20s doesn’t, for that matter? Some posters become iconic, and survive countless decades as icons of arts, love, power, or revolution. You don’t have to know the first thing about Che Guevara to know who the moustachioed bloke in the cap is, and we are all so familiar with the Uncle Sam Needs You slogan that many people have forgotten that it was an effort to get people to sign up to go to war.

So there – posters are cool. Now, thanks to Instantprint, you can design and print your own movie-style poster. They are printed on A0 paper – so, proper movie poster size – on silk paper, and you’ll get your poster within two working days. Movie posters are fantastic for stag and hen dos – copy in pictures of all your friends – or you could use them to advertise a school or amateur drama production. It’s best if you submit your image in PDF or JPEG form, although it is possible to print from other file types. If you want to display your poster outdoors, then you can have it printed on PVC, so that it’s completely weatherproof. There’s even better news – prices start from just £12 per copy – not bad at all for a personalised and memorable work of art.

Do you have a child, partner or friend who is obsessed with a certain film, play or band? You could give them a poster with them cast in the title role, or fronting their favourite group. Or, if you and your friends camped for days in the snow just to get seats for your favourite film on opening night, then you could design a movie style poster to commemorate the experience.

The Instantprint site has all the advice that you need in order to design the perfect poster – for example, how to embed original fonts which aren’t already part of the Instantprint repertoire, so that your poster will look exactly as you wanted it. Remember to check all aspects of your poster thoroughly before you order, as once the poster is on the paper there is no going back. See the guide for more details.

At University, my walls were covered with Tupac and Notorious BIG posters, what were yours? If you could make your own movie poster, what kind would you have?

Image Source: IMDB

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