At the beginning of April, I was invited to check out the new Metod Kitchen range at IKEA’s Glasgow store. As an avid lover of all things IKEA, I couldn’t refuse to check out the new range and see what they have done to surpass the older Faktum model.

Back in the early 1990’s, I had my first IKEA experience at their store in Kuwait. It was HUGE and I loved roaming around checking out all the things I could buy for my bedroom. Years later, I was exploring IKEA in Paris with my parents looking for kitchen counters, cupboards and drawers to completely revamp the kitchen in my dad’s Paris apartment. We used the Kitchen Planner tool to work out how the kitchen was going to designed ensuring that all available space was used to it’s advantage.

Fast forward to present day and after six years of development, the new Metod Kitchen range at IKEA has been unveiled. The design team went back to basics when starting the redesign, spoke to customers, staff and even went to customer’s houses to view various sizes of kitchens and how IKEA’s kitchen range could work in even the smallest of kitchens. The results have meant that the new range is fully functional and flexible so that any kitchen no matter how big or small can find the perfect kitchen just for them.



What I like about the Metod range is that there is something for everyone. If you lean towards modernism then you can have bright red cupboard doors, hidden espresso machines and all the latest kitchen gadgets. For traditionalists, Belfast sinks with single lever kitchen faucet along with wooden counter tops and dark framed wood is available. The beauty of it all is that you can pick n mix depending on your style. If you like elements from one demo kitchen, you can implement them into an other. Gone are the days that you have to stick with one pre-built kitchen. It’s your home and you can choose how you want it to look.



IKEA Glasgow have overhauled the kitchen department showcasing various kitchen sizes for both modern and traditional clientèle. The ceilings have been lowered to help reduce background nose, counter tops are adjustable so that wheelchair users (and children) can get practicality out of the demo’s and see what options are on offer for them. If you have a small galley kitchen, there are various options in place to help maximize space, even finding a space under stairs for built in fridges and microwaves. My favourite part of the demo kitchens was seeing an espresso machine tucked away behind cupboards and a baking counter with storage. I may not currently have the huge kitchen of my dreams, but thanks to IKEA, I now know exactly how I’d want it to look.

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