Ahead of tonight’s official grand opening, I popped into COOK on Great Western Road to check out what they have to offer. I had a lovely chat with new owner, David, about the ins & outs of COOK and found it rather fascinating. I heard of the brand name before but didn’t know the story behind it so it was good to be told the history of the brand, how it’s operated and what his favourite dishes are.

Cook Glasgow

COOK is an independent food business based in Kent whose ethos is to “make remarkable food for your freezer, prepared by hand, using the same ingredients and techniques you would use at home”. Founded in 1997, every dish they create has the name of the chef who prepared the food (along with batch number for quality control) and the best bit is…. it looks and tastes homemade.

The chefs use the same ingredients as you would at home without putting any additional additives or preservatives into the food. They do in some occasions use shop bought sauces such as Soy Sauce or Worcestershire Sauce. If they do use these, they are also listed in the ingredients sticker on the back of every dish as an ingredient and then the contents of the sauce is broken down as a sub-ingredient so you know exactly what you are eating.

In the Great Western Road shop, everything is brightly sign posted and laid out very well. The ready frozen food is kept in big freezers and staff are on hand to chat with you about the brand, food and even giving you advice on what they’d recommend (without being pushy sellers!).

Freezers are broken down into different sections: beef, chicken, pork, fish, vegetarian, family meals, side dishes, dinner parties, indian food, oriental food, diet food (where everything is under 400 calories!), kids meals and puddings. They also cater for gluten free and dairy free as well.

Cook Glasgow

Cook Glasgow

Cook Glasgow

Cook Glasgow

Cook Glasgow

While talking with David, we asked him what his favourite dishes are and out of everything on offer, he had to pick the Indonesian Vegetable Curry with Coconut and Lime Leaf Rice. A intriguing choice given all of the meat dishes on offer but I decided to try it and I put it into my rather lovely wicker basket (no metal baskets in sight in this shop!). The oriental dishes are currently on a meal deal for £10 which includes a main, rice or noodles and a side dish.

After taking up more than enough of David’s time, the pudding freezer was calling my name and my eyes lit up when I saw Apple & Blackberry Crumble… into my basket it went along with some Jude’s Vanilla Ice Cream. After paying, it was time to go back to Ross’s house, put the oven on & get “cooking” and the best part… eating!


Indonesian Vegetable Curry

The Indonesian Vegetable Curry was delicious and creamy. The vegetables were complimented with coconut milk and lemongrass. I would definitely buy this again and possibly add some chicken into it to bulk it up. I got the dish to serve two but if you were really hungry, it would be ideal for one person.

Apple & Blackberry Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream

The pudding was an instant favourite. Finally a crumble with a traditional crumble topping instead of granola. The crumble was buttery along with a good amount of apple and blackberries. The vanilla ice cream we bought was an added bonus. I just wish there was more of the crumble, it’s that good!

Have you been to COOK yet? What are your favourite dishes? I cannot wait to try more!

COOK Glasgow
498 Great Western Road
G12 8EW
Tel: 0141 334 0302

Note: During opening week, COOK are offering all customers 15% off.

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  1. This place looks amazing. I especially love the meals for one and the fact they cater to people with food intolerances! x

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