When it comes to self-esteem and confidence, our outer appearance often affects how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. While looks aren’t everything, they still leave an impression and influence how society views us. Therefore, details like clothing can be key to boosting our self-image and building certain relationships. So whether you wear expensive designer ensembles or only buy clothing from thrift stores, you are often defined by how you dress. This can impact various elements of your life, particularly in your career.

Style is a personal statement that highlights our personalities and illustrates how we feel about life and society. In addition, style can be an indication of our level of confidence and self-worth, and, according to a Self Growth article, there’s a strong link between the way in which people feel and their styles of dress. For the professional, it can also affect your career and help elevate you in your industry. Therefore, it’s vital that you show up looking your best.

Many businesses and companies have done away with business suits and conservative dress codes, often allowing their employees to dress more casually and relaxed. This makes it easier to integrate your own personal style in your work wardrobe and can also make dressing for the office more fun. While it may be difficult to discern what pieces work well in the office, you can mesh some of your playtime attire with your work wear to pull off a range of fabulous looks you can sport when you’re on the clock (and off).

In line with the growing trend of creating a more relaxed office environment, companies are allowing their employees to “dress down” or dress casually. From jeans to trainers, many employees are donning attire made more for a Saturday afternoon at the movies, not for a Monday morning meeting. This not only eases the burden on your purse, but it can make your morning routine run smoother as you don’t have to worry about details like ironing with these simpler pieces. This isn’t an excuse to show up at work disheveled or unkempt. It also doesn’t mean you can’t look sophisticated.

If you opt to wear jeans to work, make sure they’re tailored, don’t have any rips or holes, and aren’t too tight. Ditch the flats for some pumps and put on a blouse instead of a plain cotton shirt to dress up this relax style. On the flip side, you can make your professional pieces more casual with some spunky alterations. Pair plain, dark-coloured trousers with a blazer in a funky pattern, print, or unconventional colour scheme. Vogue’s spring collection is full of conservative blazers, dresses, skirts, and blouses, as M&S reveals, which can be combined with your more laid-back pieces. For instance, a grey sweater vest and plain, white blouse can bed dressed down with a denim skirt or flats in a bold colour or unique materials.

Your clothing suggests certain things about your personality and lifestyle, so it’s important to be mindful about what you wear in a professional setting. While the relaxed nature of most modern workplaces has changed what we wear in the office, we must still be mindful of the items we choose to wear. However, by maintaining a few key conservative pieces to wear along with your more casual gear, you’re sure to look sophisticated, as well as cute and comfortable—all of which can aid you in furthering your career.

Disclaimer: This is a guest editorial post

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