What do you get when you bring a group of friends together, feed them nibbles & drown them in alcohol? A rare old time, that’s what!

I was recently contacted by Social & Cocktail who were launching SoCocktail Events where they help you host your own cocktail party in your home. For £25 per person, you get five cocktails each, your own dedicated fully trained cocktail bartenders, mobile bar, ingredients, glassware, ice and they even clean up after themselves! When asked if I wanted to host my own party, it took me less than a minute to say YES!

Before the event, you’re given the cocktail menu which you have to pre-order from so they have all the ingredients ready and you leave the rest to them. It was a tough choice, but I had to pick 5 cocktails from the list. I finally settled on: Toblerone Martini, Moscow Mule, Raspberry Mojito, Caipirinha and Old Fashioned.

I stole borrowed my friends apartment in Merchant City for the evening and invited 5 of my friends along with my friend inviting 5 of his (plus a few added extras that turned up on the night). Pre-party I made lots of finger food for everyone to counter attack the amount of alcohol we were about to have and cracked open some red wine (in hindsight, bad bad idea!) and beer (for the guys).

Chris & Emma

Our bartenders for the night; Chris and Emma were lovely. We all had a huge laugh with them and they worked really well as a duo. At times it didn’t even feel like they were bartenders, we were all chatting away like they were part of the party & in a way, they were! They were very accommodating when a couple of extra people came to the party and made them a couple of cocktails with spare ingredients and we even got Chris to whip up some Margarita’s for us with our own ingredients near the end of their allocated time with us (approx 3.5 hours).



After Chris and Emma left, we all continued drinking more alcohol and by this time, I’m surprised I could actually stand up with the amount of mixing I was doing. Mixing alcohol is bad idea. Very bad. I later found out that I fell over the sofa onto the floor and had to get picked up. Heh.


The night wasn’t to end quite yet and we decided to pop along to The Polo Lounge (a local gay bar in Glasgow for those not in the know) to drink & dance the night away until I realised that it was time to call it a night at 2am.


  • Having a blast with my friends
  • Being one of the first to check out SoCocktail Events (100% recommended!)
  • The novelty of having your very own bartenders for the night!
  • Looking at photographs on my iPhone the next day asking if that ACTUALLY happened?
  • Laughing at Charlene and Rachel fall and then roll around the floor with cake everywhere (photographic evidence lol)
  • Dancing with a transvestite in Polo (let’s ignore the part when she (he?) kissed my lips)
  • Waking up with next day fully clothed with a banging headache which didn’t go away until 10pm that night

I had a wonderful night and it was mainly thanks to Social & Cocktail. They are great for small parties in your house, hen or stag parties, birthdays or even a “just because” party.

Note: I received the cocktail party (£25 pp) free in return for a review. All opinions are my (rather drunken in the end) own.

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