We all have a guilty pleasure when it comes to music which we really don’t want anyone to know about other than our closest of friends. What’s mine? Boy bands. Don’t judge me…. they aren’t THAT bad, are they?

It all started way back in the late 1980’s when New Kids On The Block came onto the scene. I was hooked! How could you not love them? I was even part of their fan club. My favourite member was Joey McIntyre & I had their posters all over my bedroom. I never got to see them in concert though BUT they have made a come back with my other guilty pleasure…  The Backstreet Boys! *cue fan girl scream* They did end up looking quite good in their old age… swoon

After that phase of my life, I got into New Edition, Az Yet, All 4 One, Boyz II Men and Color Me Badd. They weren’t guilty pleasures though… they are just pleasures. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Boyz II Men backstage when they were in Glasgow a few years back. They gave me roses and I confessed my undying love for them like a true fan girl would. I still have the tickets and VIP passes from that night complete with their signatures. They are amazing live & I’m dying to see them again.

I had a slight relapse in good taste when Backstreet Boys hit the charts. How could you not? AJ was clearly my favourite. He was the bad one after all. These boys were all over the charts with tons of girls singing “Am I original, am I the only one? am I sexual?” without actually knowing what on earth they were singing along too! Sure the boys had a weird dress sense but the songs sure as hell were catchy!

Before Justin Timberlake was hot, he was in N*Sync. I remember driving to school with the radio station playing them on loop, not to mention all my friends obsessing about them (cough cough Anila!). My favourite? JC. Obviously if I knew JT was going to turn into the hot guy that he now is, I would have said him. Oh well. The group breaking up was the best thing to happen to JT but I do miss them singing together because “God should have spent…. a little more time…. on youuuuuuu”.

After N*Sync went Bye Bye Bye, I went off Cheesy Boy bands until…. One Direction. I’m sorry, but have you seen Zayn? If I was 10 again, I’d totally have their posters all over my bedroom and begging my mom to get One Direction tickets for us but alas I’m not and I don’t think I could bring myself to actually watch them in concert because if I did, I’d clearly fail at being an adult.

So who is your guilty pleasure? Of the 10 Biggest Boybands, who were your favourites?


  1. LOVE this post! I was never into boybands at all when I was younger but in the last couple of years I have developed a love for old 90s pop music – due to impromptu kitchen dancing sessions with my bestie when we are making dinner. Backstreet’s Back is our jam, haha! Complete with dance routine, of course… xx

    • ananyah Reply

      90s pop music was AMAZING. It’s a shame music nowadays isn’t as awesome!

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