Last month I went back to Aberdeen to visit friends. It’s been a while since I last visited and it was time to head up North again to hang out with Gillian (who I’ve known since the first day of University way back in 2001) and her husband Brian.

I was originally going to drive up to Aberdeen but then realised that I’ve never driven that far before AND I don’t fancy dying on the A9 with the nutters who speed. I ended up getting a bus (trains and me aren’t the best of friends!) but no ordinary bus… a first class bus with leather seats, air conditioning, free snacks and WI-FI. What’s not to love?

I arrived on the Friday afternoon to glorious sunshine (which is a pretty rare sight!) and did a spot of shopping at Union Square while waiting for Gillian to finish work. I love the Mall, I only wish they had it when I was living there. Aberdeen sure has improved! After shopping, I decided to hang out in the sun a little, grabbed a coffee and watched a movie on my iPad Mini.

Road Trip

Friday night was spent shopping with Gillian, eating an obscene amount of Dominos, chatting and watching TV. We all pretty much needed  a chilled out night after a long week and to prepare ourselves for Saturday which would be jam packed.

On Saturday, we were supposed to be going to a craft fair in Stonehaven but the good weather lured us into taking a road trip instead. First up, visiting friends at their farm house outside of Stonehaven then heading to Stonehaven Marina.

Stonehaven Farm

The Marina was mobbed, pubs, cafes/restaurants were full as everyone was enjoying the amazing weather and people were out in their boats. We managed to grab a table at The Marine Hotel for lunch which was relatively quiet until flocks of tourists arrived. I ordered Fish & Chips which was by far one of the best Fish & Chips I’ve ever ate. The fish was so fresh, flakey and the batter far from being greasy which is a pet hate of mine.


Classic Car

Fish & Chips

After lunch, we hopped in the car and drove to Banchory with the windows down, sunglasses on and iPod on full blast. Theme song for the weekend? Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. In all my years living in Aberdeen (5 years in total), I never really ventured anywhere so Banchory was new to me. It’s a nice little town but frankly, there isn’t much to see. We drove all the way there, wandered around the little boutique shops and grabbed ice cream. The best thing? They had Pistachio Ice Cream! Worst thing? It tasted like Lemons! I haven’t found any Pistachio Ice Cream better than Thorntonhall Farm Ice Cream in the UK. There were also lots of Classic Cars around the area as on the Sunday, a Classic Car Exhibition was to be held. The plan was to get up early on Sunday and go check it out… sadly early mornings don’t really mix with us!

Pistachio Ice Cream

Classic Car

Heading back to Aberdeen, we chilled out for a while before getting ready to go out for dinner and drinks. I asked people on twitter where I should go for dinner in Aberdeen and unanimously those who replied said Musa Aberdeen. I was then lucky enough to be contacted by a PR guy I know who asked if I’d like to review Musa while I was in town. How could I say no? A more detailed review will be on my blog in the next couple of days but all I can say right now is that if you are ever in Aberdeen, you NEED to go. The food is faultless. If I could have licked my plate, I would have.


After dinner, we headed to a bar where vodka was the order of the night. After a good few vodkas and some rather random shots from the bar man, a group of random Irish guys decided to join us for the rest of the night. They bought us drinks, chatted and tried to get me to do more shots (sorry, not going to happen!) until I started feeling unwell and vomited in the bathroom. I didn’t even drink that much to make me vomit which was a little strange and I know the guys didn’t put anything in my drinks either… it was just all rather strange. It sadly ruined the rest of the night for me and we headed back to Gillian’s Apartment soon after. A pretty quiet night by all accounts, well for us anyway!


Even though Saturday night ended pretty awful, I had a great weekend & the sun just made it even better! Cocktails in Glasgow next time I think!


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