I love the boys over at Men Are Useless. In my head, I imagine them to be all very clean cut, smelling lovely and eating lots of sweets. In reality, they probably have beer bellies, smell of BO and sweaty socks… but let’s not ruin my fantasy, thank you.

To celebrate my website relaunch, these far from useless men have gifted me (well YOU) with the opportunity to win a Men Rock Cut Throat Razor Starter Kit with Drop Strand worth £36. Sounds good, yes? So this is certainly one for the boys (boyfriends, friends, brothers, fathers erm… grandfathers?!).

Men Rock – for men who can make their own decisions.

If you need celebrity endorsements to help you make up your mind about using a product then we’re afraid you’re in the wrong place – sorry. But if you’re our kind of chap – you know a good looking product when you see it – you can sense style without marketers telling you what to think – then come on in, the water’s lovely.

We don’t claim to have reinvented the wheel here – we take inspiration from traditional barbers and Jermyn Street and make lovely products we’d like touse ourselves. If you’re still with us then remember this – YOU ROCK!

Maybe you think there’s something inherently macho about swiping a sharp blade around your face. Maybe you hanker for simpler times before eight-bladed monstrosities that vibrate were all that seem to be pushed on the public via massive overly exposed advertising campaigns that make you feel like you’ll be worthless and ugly unless you buy, buy, buy something that after six months will be declared obsolete, when they add yet another blade and another gimmick.

Well, you don’t need all that and you should stop believing the subtle messages about your worthlessness without their products too.

The lucky winner shall win:

Men Rock Shavette, Men Rock Wooden Shaving Brush 100ml concentrated Men Rock Shaving Cream A Men Rock Drip Stand to keep your brush in tip top condition and a pack of double edged razor blades … and maybe we’ll pop in some sweets from the treat cupboard too!

To win, all you need to do is:

  1. Add a little comment to this blog post and say who you’ll give it too (or keep for yourself!)
  2. Tweet this post (use the handy little share icon) with the following text “I’ve just entered @ananyah’s #MenRockGiveaway” for an additional entry
  3. Grow a beard in anticipation of winning

Terms and Conditions:

  • Competition Closes on Sunday 28th April at 6pm
  • Open to UK & Ireland only
  • You don’t have to be male to enter, but having those “dangly” bits would help!

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And the winner is…. Entry 13: Edd F.

Congratulations! Expect an email very soon!




  1. Having been a traditional shaving enthusiast for the best part of a decade I’m afraid if I won this it would be all for myself. It’s one of the only ways a man can purely treat himself alone.

  2. As a new father, to the lovely Baby Martha, I would be keeping this to ensure my face is as smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom!

  3. I’m generally quite stubbly however that’s partly because I don’t get on well with modern razors, have always fancied a more traditional shave so would use this to keep me looking smart.

  4. Been dying to try a straight razor. I’m ineligible for this contest, as I’m an American (please don’t hold it against me), but would consider relocation if I were fortunate enough to win…

  5. As a big fan of Mad Men, I am often envious of the clean cut, razor sharp trends of the ’60s. I am romanticised by the notion that casual, effortless appearances may yet become a dated trend among us young men and that the 7-day-suit-up may return to the streets of the UK.

    Considering this, if I should be lucky enough to win, I would selflessly keep the razor and accessories. Selflessly? Let me elaborate:

    I’d learn to use the kit with enviable skill. Become a master of open razor shaving.
    Then, I’d pass my new-found expertise on to other 20-30 something men. The mission: vanquish ‘designer stubble’.
    Finally, the ever lasting mantra would be instilled in all new open-razor-shaving protégés: the only thing that should to be sharper than a man’s wit, and his new cut-throat razor, is his suit. And thus, the plan would be complete.

    So, if I was a winner, who would the prize be a gift for? Myself or all the ladies of the UK? Probably the former, but it’s worth a shot! I’ll let you decide…

    Good luck to all entrants! A fantastic prize whoever the winner.

  6. I have just grown a beard, a real life man sized beard. This would make the pain of having to say goodbye to it so much better! I’ve always wanted to use a cut throat as well, I’d probably shave while drinking whisky and pretending I’m from Mad Men.

  7. Having been off work for over 7 months, and with a return to work in the horizon, I’ll need to be nice and clean shaven… So this will definitely help with that… 🙂

  8. Stephen O

    I would love to try a proper close shave. Having been lazy for far too long I only shave once a week and even then it’s just a trim so I keep the stubble. The gf claims to love it.

  9. Because growing an epic beard must be followed by an epic shave.

  10. This would go down well with Mrs C, who hates even the slightest bit of stubble to grace my chin….

  11. As a fairly newest gent I would love to win this. It would mainly be used to shape stubble though as a completely clean shave makes me look like a 13 year old boy with a man body. It’s very weird!


  12. Hmm my phone appears to have changed ‘beardy’ to ‘newest’ in my last comment. Damn these sausage fingers!

    • ananyah

      I burst out laughing seeing the word “newest” and thought you had a sex change “As a fairly newest gent”

  13. I’d love to free myself from the tyranny of Gillette. And the misses would love me even smoother!

  14. Not sure the husband would appreciate me winning this for him – the idea of a cut-throat razor is faintly terrifying – but I can never resist a good freebie!

  15. Steve Chandler

    I’m a Nurse, a husband and father of daughters, so I think I’ll keep this as a little man treat to me 🙂

  16. Winning this would mean seeing the skin on my face for the first time in years. Yip, believe it, Ive not clean shaven for at least 3 years. This could potentially be the new me 😛