I’ve bitten my nails for near enough my entire life, it’s a nasty habit. My mom used to try all the tricks in the book to get me to stop, only trouble is; I liked the taste of the “stop biting” nail varnishes and chilli powder. Then, last year, I decided it was time to try kick the habit and I finally did!

My trick? Acrylic Nails!

When my nails are long and pretty, I don’t have the urge to bite them. So, I got Acrylic Extensions and every month I’d go get them filled in, choose a different Shellac Varnish and I was a happy non-biter bunny!


After 5 months, my nails were long enough to get the Acrylic Extensions removed and just rely on Shellac Varnish. I’d grow them longer and longer until they were getting a little “too long” and get them shortened a little bit. I love long nails, the only trouble was it was rather tricky putting my contacts into my eyes and using the Sat-Nav in my car!


I’ve had the same manicurist Stephanie since the start; February 2012 and she’s watched my nails grow from tiny little stumps into crazy long centimetre nails (possibly a bit too long?). We’d comment on our “history” and she’d shout at me if I was ever tempted to have a little nibble. The only downfall? Because my natural nails weren’t getting the chance to “breathe” under all the Shellac, they were very weak. I had to get Builder Gel and Shellac on them for them to be hard so I recently decided to go cold turkey for a while to try build up the strength in my nails.


Cold Turkey wasn’t easy. Not because I was tempted to nibble (I’ve actually stopped looking at my nails like food!) but because they were breaking all the time as they were so weak. I had to keep cutting them every few days and painting them with Nail Hardener (Sally Hanson, I love you!). My nails are still long, not as long as I’d like but I’m on the right track now… complete with harder nails without the need of Builder Gel.

I’ve also just started putting “normal” nail varish on my nails, my current favourite being Rimmel’s Ultra Violet which is helping to strengthen them. It’s also a lot cheaper. Instead of paying £25 every month, I spend £10 on various nail varnishes to last me a good few months.

My manicurist is missing me and I will be going back for a “proper” manicure next month, this time with normal nail varnish instead of Shellac. I’m rotten at applying nail varnish myself so it’s a lot easier getting others to do it for me. Until then, I’m taking care of my cuticles and rubbing almond oil as well as cocoa butter on my fingers to look after them.

It took me a year but I’m finally over my addiction and no longer part of Nail Biters Anonymous 😉

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