Last year I reviewed BassBuds Headphones which have since become an instant favourite of mine and I never leave home without them. I then heard about BassBoomz Bluetooth Speakers from the same company and couldn’t wait to try it!

Retailing at £79.95, BassBoomz are a high performance bluetooth speaker “portable, powerful & practical”, small in size and big on sound.

Experience superior sound quality through the powerful built-in speaker giving depth and clarity to your music. Designed with an innovative Bass Expansion System for an impressive volume-to-size digital amplifier giving you deep, rich bass tones. Simply twist and release to activate an enhanced entertainment experience.

All BassBoomz come with a built-in high performance Li-ion rechargeable battery, so you can hear your music at 70% volume for an amazing 5-6 hours. The solid aluminium construction with high grip base provides stability, reduced interference and vibration dampening when used on hard surfaces.

All this impressive design and technology is packed into a portable, pocket-sized high performance Bluetooth speaker for music on the go. The bassboom also supports all devices connection through a 3.5mm audio jack.

Available in 8 different colours, I was sent the Blue Speaker which I was very pleased with as it’s my favourite colour and matched my iPhone cover (yes, I’m slightly loopy about colour co-ordination!). Less than a minute after ripping the box open, my BassBoomz was connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth and playing some 2Pac for good measure. It was THAT easy! To find the speaker, you search for Bluetooth devices on your iPhone and then enter a default pin code to pair the devices so that no unauthorised devices can use it. Instantaneously, after testing one song, I could tell that the speaker was high quality, the bass was explosive and it was simple to use. Get expert analysis on the best speakers.



BassBoomz are a great compact size which are compatible with smartphones, laptops and tablets via Bluetooth as well as MP3 players via AUX input. One of the main things which was important to me was the range the Bluetooth would handle before the quality was reduced. Sitting the BassBoomz in the living room, I walked all the way to the back of the house near the garden before the sound became fuzzy. Thumbs Up! The speaker would work wonders during the summer sitting in the garden during BBQs. Further testings involved using it in my car instead of the radio and iPod dock. In the car, the bass was a little too much but I think that was due to the fact the Bass Expansion System was on and the volume was too high… something which could easily be changed; if you weren’t driving! I also tested the speaker on my Macbook Pro while watching a movie as a “backup” to the inbuilt speakers; flawless.



+ Explosive sound quality – twist and release the Bass Expansion system
+ Ideal for your smartphone, MP3 players, tablets and laptops
+ Compatible with all wireless devices with a Bluetooth connection
+ Compatible with any audio device that has a 3.5mm audio jack output
+ Dual connectivity available – connect 2 BassBoomz together for double the sound
+ Portable and pocket-sized for your music on-the-go!
+ Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets

For something so small, BassBoomz are full of sound. I turned the volume up full blast at one point; I was listening to Hip Hop with the twist and release Bass Expansion system on & off and you could tell the difference between the sound quality. I love high bass songs full blast, something about it just makes me want to dance. Sure, you may look at the price tag and think they are a little too pricey BUT for the quality you are getting and the fact they are Bluetooth enabled; it’s so worth it!

If you’re tempted to grab one, for the month of February you can get £30 off the retail price by entering the code BBZ304614 at checkout.


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  2. brent bolster Reply

    How can I connect 2 bassboomz. I have one thats 3 yrs old and a new one. I tried to connect both line-ins via a double end earphone connector but only one speaker turns on. Is there a compatability issue between the 2 models? I was told to use a dual connector which has 2 line-in jacks and one which connects to a pc but I am wanting to use via wifi and just connect to two speakers without needing to plug into a pc. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  3. Does anyone know how to reset the PIN on a bassboomz speaker?

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