Earlier this evening, I received a text message (which I instantly tweeted) from Vodafone UK instructing me not to upgrade to iOS 6.1 on my iPhone, if I hadn’t already done so. The text message was specific to me owning an iPhone4S so I am unaware if customers with iPhone 5’s received a similar message.

The reasoning? 3G Performance Issues.

Since being released to the public on January 28th, I’ve read a lot of complaints about the latest iOS ranging from lack of 3G signal, battery draining more than it should as well as iPhones not connecting to WIFI. It also doesn’t seem to be carrier specific although Vodafone UK seems to be the first publicly voicing their concerns.

My original tweet has been heavily retweeted (& posted on various tech websites) since I posted it and Vodafone UK themselves responded to my tweet with some additional information:

The link takes you to the official forum in which Phil with the Vodafone Tech Team added a statement regarding the issue, confirming potential issues.

iOS 6.1 Update
Hi everyone,

We’re aware of an issue caused by Apple iPhone 4s handsets that have been upgraded to iOS 6.1 which impacts performance on 3G.

Some customers may occasionally experience difficulty in connecting to the network to make or receive calls or texts or to connect to the Internet. Apple is working on a solution to their software issue. These connection problems are intermittent.

While Apple’s investigations continue, we would recommend that anyone who has not yet installed iOS 6.1 on their iPhone 4s should delay doing so until Apple has confirmed that their problem has been fixed.



So it looks like I’ll be holding off for now! Have you installed iOS6.1? Any issues?

Short Term Fix?

If the issue is affecting you, a fix would be to restore your phone back to your last known working backup point via iTunes. To do this: click on Restore Backup & select your backup point which should downgrade you. The only issue with that is, you lose any changes you’ve made since that backup.


There is a longer way to downgrade back to iOS 6.0.1 by downloading the IPSW file but it’s rather long winded to explain, especially for those who are not so technical minded. If you want to know how to do it, google is your best friend… or you can always tweet me.

Update 11/2/2013: Apple have just released iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S users only. Get updating!

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  1. Eeek. I upgraded my phone but not my iPad (which is wifi only so doesn’t even matter) and I have noticed some issues 🙁

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