I adore Paris. I have loved it ever since my dad took me to Paris for a belated 17th Birthday Present. It was my first time in the City of Lights, I was in awe. I visited all the usual tourist haunts, had dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower, acted like a kid at Disneyland & went to the Moulin Rouge.

Lets just ignore the part where the hotel thought we were lovers, tried to have us shack up in the same hotel room until I had to (purposely) shout “Dad!” in the lobby for them to actually figure out I was his daughter and give me my own hotel room.

It was also the first time that a man tried to pick me up in a hotel bar; Le Méridien Jazz Club no less. I was sat at the bar while my dad was in the bathroom, I was approached and asked if he could buy me a drink. I turned him down. He spent the rest of the evening staring at me. I thought it was hilarious.

When my parents moved to Paris after living in Kuwait for over 10 years, I was excited…. free trips to one of my favourites places on earth! Plus… I was no longer a tourist.


From living near the river in Chatou to a smaller bijoux apartment in Le Vésinet, it’s about time I visited Paris again. I’m bad, I haven’t visited in around 2 years. My dad keeps telling me to visit again and I’m hoping to in the Spring time; my favourite time of year to visit Paris. My friend Stephen also wants to go to Paris but because of the smaller apartment, we’d need to search for a hotel which isn’t crazy expensive; or just crash on the sofa in the apartment.

When I’m in Paris, my favourite places to hang out are Les Quatre Temps, La Défense, Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Saint-Germain-en-Laye & Chatou (where they used to stay). I also love exploring museums, one I’ve yet to go to is Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle. They have a Zoo & amazing exhibitions of old animals (stuffed of course!) as well as a current Dinosaur installation. It’s on the cards!

Paris also holds one of my favourite restaurants; Piccolo Mondo (Rue de Longchamp, Neuilly). Whenever I’m there, I always order the same things; Bruschetta Aux Cepes, literally THE best bruschetta I have ever had and Entrecôte Au Gorgonzola, flawless. If you’re ever in Paris you should check out this restaurant. I can’t recommend it highly enough. You’ll also probably find my dad eating Lasagne (the only thing he ever orders at the Restaurant, it’s THAT good!) and a Carafe of Red Wine. Say hello if you do!

Now all I need to do is go renew my passport!

What are your favourite haunts in Paris? Any favourite restaurants? Have you ever been?

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  1. I’ve been to Paris twice. Once when I was 13 just before Christmas with my family; it was beautiful but also sort of hilarious but too long to explain in a comment! Then I went again in 2006 or so with my sister but I got food poisoning which wasn’t fun! Unless you count flying in/out of the RyanAir airport last summer I’ve not been back since. Maybe time for a trip!

    I LOVE the Sephora flagship store lol.

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