On Sunday September 2nd, my dad took part in the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon. Starting at 11am, it took him 2 hours 32 minutes and 35 seconds to run just over 21 kilometres or 13 miles. Every 5k, he would phone me updating me on his progress so I knew when to head over to the Finish line. While he was running, I was hanging out at Tinderbox drinking a huge coffee and munching on cake (my way of being the supportive daughter LOL!)

My brother, sister in law & little nephew joined us at the Finish Line waiting for my dad to finish the race. The crowds were INSANE but I managed to push my way to the front of a barrier with my camera ready to snap away. I couldn’t get a photo of my dad when he ran past the Start Line due to the crowds in my way, so I didn’t want to miss him at the Finish Line.

While waiting for my dad, I took photos of some of the other participants including a topless butler (swoon!) and a nice little old man who was amazing! I’m in awe of the little guy… no clue who he is or how old he actually was but I’m impressed! My dad and that old guy out ran a lot of younger people, they both didn’t even look in pain compared to the others and didn’t even sound out of breath! I know for a fact that there is no way I could run 1K let alone 21! I’d need to be carried or pushed around in a wheelchair! I’m just a lazy ass really..

I finally managed to spot him (by his hair and hat) and started taking photos. He then came over to the barrier where my family were standing and we passed my little nephew over to him for another photo op… he’s such a cutie! (my nephew that is!). Oliver even got to wear the medal my dad received while making little funny faces showing off his two little baby teeth!

My dad, being my dad couldn’t resist in doing the Mo-Bot and the Bolt after the race which I luckily caught on camera to abuse my dad with for the rest of his life mwahahaha (Disclaimer: he does know I’m blogging these photos, so he won’t disown me… yet!)

In total, so far… we have managed to raise £650 for Yorkhill Children’s Hospital and would love to raise even more with your help! If you’d like to donate money to this great cause then please go to the JustGiving page that has been set up where 100% of all money donated goes straight to the Yorkhill Children’s Foundation.

Note: After the race had finished, we heard from other participants that a runner had collapsed and was being resuscitated by the Paramedics. Sadly, news reports later confirmed that the runner 28 year old Aubrey Smith sadly died. My thoughts are with his family & friends. RIP Aubrey.

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  1. That’s just simply awesome! The fact that your dad ran 21K! Hehe I wouldn’t even bother with less than a 1K (lazy bums unite!)

    Well done with the raising of the funds I am donating right now myself and hoping to support such a great cause.

    Ollie is absolutely adorable but in that one picture where your dad is holding him up hehe he lost one sock! 😛 I was like “Where’s Ollie’s Sock!”

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