A month or so ago, I was sent BassBuds to review and if I’m honest… I tried them for around 10 minutes when I first got them, then work and illness got in the way and I still didn’t properly try them out.

My first thought when I tried them for those short few minutes were “wow my ears don’t hurt” and “ooh they look hot!”. Two good factors which are also rather important ones. Who would buy ugly headphones? No one, right? And who would buy a pair of headphones that kill your ears? I’d hope no one would.

Instant initial thumbs up!

My mom on the other hand, decided to test them while watching some TV Shows on her laptop. Her old pair of headphones broke and she needed to borrow a pair. My mom has always hated the in-ear headphones because 9 times out of 10, they hurt her ears and she ends up tossing them into a drawer never to be seen again. She has tried my iPhone headphones and hates them, I do agree with her on that one though… after wearing Apple headphones for a while, your inner ear starts to hurt. This coming from an all-things Apple lover. Think I could get done for Apple treason? Shhhh don’t tell them!

So, she wore them. After 5 minutes, she shouted, yes and I mean shouted “THESE ARE COMFY!”. The shouted part of this sentence is rather important. Why? Well… the headphones are noise cancelling. That means you are pretty much oblivious to your surroundings unless someone screams at you and/or someone pulls your headphones out of your ears.

After hearing her shout her thoughts about the headphones to me, I motioned for her to take them off to get some proper feedback (she wasn’t happy about pausing Bones!). The main thing she liked about the headphones were the fact she could wear from for 1+ hour at a time and her ears did not hurt, she didn’t feel the need to take them out to give her ears a break, the sound was good and they didn’t drop out of her ears like a lot of in-ear headphones do.

This coming from a woman who swore she’d never use in-ear headphones? They must be good.

It wasn’t until a 5 hour Road Trip from Glasgow to the Highlands on Saturday that I had a proper chance to try them out. Listening to the Radio and my Parents chat away for that length of time isn’t my idea of fun LOL. So to accompany me on the trip were Frank Ocean, Alex Clare, Usher, Adele, Emeli Sande and a mix of Old School Hip-Hop.

My initial thoughts were proven once again when I was able to wear the headphones without my ears hurting, in fact, it didn’t even feel like I was wearing headphones and I didn’t have to worry about them dropping out of my ears and having to fight to put them back in. The sound was crystal clear turned up high with an amazing bass and treble (a must for Hip Hop!). With some headphones, as stated on www.lightningcans.com/headphones-reviewed/, the bass is rather OTT and drowns out the music but this wasn’t the case with BassBuds. I couldn’t hear anything around me courtesy of the noise cancelling feature (pretty much like ear plugs to help you sleep!), maybe not a good thing on a Road Trip as I didn’t hear the offer of food first time around (& I like food!).

So BassBuds are a must! If you can convert my mother, you’re onto a winner! Currently priced at £34.95 with over 20 different styles and colours along with Swarovski Crystals to make them pretty (ok it’s for Crystal-tonics High Performance Sound Technology as well!), they are worth every penny (& no I’m not just saying that because I was sent them to review, I do actually mean it!). If you’re looking for a good quality affordable pair of in-ear headphones on par with Beats by Dre, I’d highly recommend BassBuds.

6 pairs of silicone (small, med., large) earbuds in both black and white colours
3 pairs of black memory foam comfort earbuds
Compatible with all Smartphones
MP3 Controller w/ play/pause and next/prev track
Answer/end calls as well as voice control
Anti-tangle, durable, double wrapped cable
High-quality, light weight aluminum housing
Crystaltonics high performance sound technology
Gold Plated 3.5mm jack
BassBag; protective phone/MP3 & bassbuds carrying case
Made with Swarovski elements

If you’re feeling really lucky, you can also be in with the chance to win discounts or pairs of in-ear headphones (including the limited edition White ones that I was given) by playing with BassBud Mini-Game. Playing the game, you must swiftly move, dodge and above all survive against the “bad earphones” moving your mouse long enough to guarantee your special discount code and make it to the top of the leaderboard! I only managed 16 seconds, because quite frankly, I was shit at it LOL

To find out more, check out BassBuds Website | Facebook | Twitter

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