All week at work, being stuck inside the office until 7pm, I was dying to get out into the sun, grab some fresh air and relax. The entire week saw the hottest temperatures in the UK for a very very long time. Thankfully by the time the weekend arrived, I was able to enjoy it with friends and family!

On Saturday, I went out with one of my friends for a drive and iced coffee in the sun but the best day hands down had to be on Sunday. It was sizzling 25/26 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, family came over, we had a BBQ and I ended up lying in the sun for hours to try get a little colour in my milk bottle skin. Did it work? HELL YES. I’m now a nice milky iced coffee colour (minus my rather red shoulders!) even though it will probably fade away in the coming weeks 🙁

How did YOU enjoy the weather? I don’t think I’m ready to hang up my Gucci Sunglasses quite so fast 😉


  1. Looking gorgeous hon! Haven’t been by your blog in quite some time.. Missed it <3 Miss ya <3

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