I’ve been a very lucky girl in my life. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to eat in some of the best restaurants all over the world, to which I thank my parents for and my wonderful upbringing. The downside of that is (is there REALLY a downside?!) I have become accustomed to good food and good restaurants. Sure, I can quite happily eat pizza from a takeaway or even a McDonalds burger but deep down, I crave a good restaurant. I love trying new restaurants and it’s pretty much my aim to try two new restaurants every month until I create my own Ultimate List.

Before going to Barolo Grill, I hadn’t heard much about it. I knew a few people who went for Pre-Theatre food and they highly recommended it but even though people tell me their own opinions about a restaurant, I’d rather make my own. I’m fussy that way.

My dad was in town recently visiting from Paris and told me to pick any restaurant I wanted to go to and I’d go with my parents. Barolo Grill was the one.

We arrived just after 7:30pm, the restaurant was jam-packed, thankfully we booked a table because I wouldn’t have liked to have guessed how long we’d have had to wait for a table that night. We sat near the back of the restaurant, which was good for me taking photos. I hate taking photos of food in the middle of a restaurant and feeling like all eyes are on me.

Looking through the menu, there was so much to choose from, I think it took us about 15 minutes to figure out what on earth to order. The easiest was the drink order 🙂

Finally we ordered…

My mom ordered Gamberoni con Pancetta (King prawns with smoked pancetta, garlic, chilli, white wine & butter) and I shared Fritto alla Portofino (Lightly fried calamari, scallops, prawns, courgette & sweet pepper in a light batter with aioli & a spiced sunblushed tomato dip) with my dad. We also got a side of Rosemary & Coarse Sea Salt Focaccia for the table.

My moms prawns were cooked perfectly, great flavour and the pancetta made a great combination. The star of the Starters was hands down the Fritto alla Portofino. Perfection on a platter. It’s really hard to cook seafood in batter and getting it cooked just right while keeping the batter lightly brown and crispy. I could have happily ate the entire platter to myself and not have a Main Course. My dad, who is THE ultimate seafood lover, could not fault anything either. That in itself is a great compliment. My dad is rather fickle when he wants to be 🙂 The Focaccia we ordered for the table was light, fluffy and full of flavour. The Spiced Sun-blushed Tomato Dip should be bottled and sold. I want the recipe, badly.

Needless to say after stuffing our faces on Starters, we needed a break before the Main Courses. My dad ordered Trota alle Erbe (Whole de-boned rainbow trout with Italian herbs and celeriac creamed potato mash) and my mom ordered the same as me; 12oz Rib-eye Steak with Chunky hand cut chips and Gorgonzola sauce. I opted to add jumbo king prawns to my Steak which were spiced with smoked paprika & garlic butter.

My dads trout was soft, flaky and once again, cooked perfectly. If he did want to pick faults, he wished his fish had slightly more flavour to it and that his Broccoli wasn’t cooked as long as it was. For me, his Broccoli was cooked just the way I liked it, but he’s a lover of al dente.

Now the steaks…

Barolo Grill made me fall in love with a steak. A steak cooked to perfection. Hot damn. It’s hard to describe how beautifully cooked (Medium) and full of flavour the steak was. It cut softly and melted in your mouth. The steak had no tough edges, fat was to a minimum which was great. A pet hate of mine is hard fatty bits in steaks. I can honestly say, hands down, it was THE best steak I have EVER ate and boy have I ate a lot of steaks.

The only problem was, because I ate so much to start with, I was struggling to finish my Main Course. I had to give up half way through it and beg the waitress to let me take the steak home. Yes, I loved it THAT much. I wanted to save room for dessert after all! Oh Steak how I loved thee!

For dessert, I ordered Torta Di Formattio al Choccolato (Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Cheesecake with Toasted Hazelnut Praline), my dad ordered Fromaggio Misto (a selection of Italian Cheeses with grapes, assorted biscuits and celery) and my mom ordered an Italian Meringue which I sadly cannot remember what it was called.

My cheesecake was full of chocolate goodness & to die for. It was rather heavy and sickly but so worth it! My mom enjoyed her Meringue with Raspberry Coulis and then stole some of my cheesecake and then helped my dad with his cheese. I never had any of the cheese but told that it was all really nice, even though the strange addition of Mozzarella on a cheese platter.

So there you have it. I was stuffed. I could hardly move after stuffing my face. Every mouthful was worth it.

Barolo Grill is now at the top of my Ultimate Glasgow List. Ultimate as in OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW. The type where you cannot stop recommending it to people. The type of restaurant where you just want to visit ALL the time, even if your bank balance may weep. But I have to say thanks to my dad for paying the bill <3 I would highly recommend it. I know the A La Carte menu is amazing. They also have a great Pre-Theatre Menu for a good price and if you are quick, there is currently a 5pm.co.uk special deal on for the Restaurant where for £15 per person instead of up to £32.85 you can have a starter, main course and dessert from the 5pm Big Deal menu.

So, go to Barolo Grill & trust me, they won’t disappoint.

Barolo Grill
92-94 Mitchell Street, Glasgow
Tel: 0141 221 0971

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  • Food - 9/10
  • Service - 8/10
  • Value - 7/10


  1. *drool* bad idea coming here when fasting (I miss your blog-best blog ever!)

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