On Sunday, I turned 30 *gulp* and my mom wanted to take me out for dinner, with my choosing any Restaurant in Glasgow to eat at. I choose Bo’Vine after hearing good things about it from my friend Stephen and then recommending it to my parents before I even tried it. It was about time it was my turn!

Before going to a Restaurant, I always check out the menu so I can drool and with Bo’Vines, I did just that! Everything looked great, but I was in the mood for steak AND lobster. Since I was the birthday girl, why ever not!

We arrived around 6:30pm, the Restaurant was pretty quiet. My parents who had been at Bo’Vine on a Saturday Night a few weeks prior, said the Restaurant was fully booked. I’m always very wary about going into a Restaurant when it is nearly empty, but because it was a Sunday, it wasn’t abnormal.

In my head as I looked through the menu again was lobster, a whole lobster. I wanted the Chateaubriand with Whole Lobster, to share… naturally. Best of both worlds.

That’s when lobster-gate occurred…

Bo’Vine had no lobsters left, they all sold out the night before. Unfortunately, when handed the menus, we weren’t informed that there were no lobsters left, which is the norm. My birthday cravings were dashed. After silent cries inside, we settled for the Chateaubriand (Medium) with Triple Cooked Chips, Rocket & Parmesan Salad and Fiery Peppercorn Sauce on the side for our Main Course. For Starters, I ordered the West Coast Scallop, Smoked Ayrshire Pork Belly, Pumpkin Puree & Pickled Walnuts. My mom ordered, Stornoway Black Pudding, Poached Hens Egg, Pancetta & Red Wine Jus.

When our starters arrived, I loved the way they were presented. My mom grabbed her fork and was ready to dig in before I let out a scream “NOOOOOOO I haven’t taken a photo yet!”. My mom, of course, is now used to me taking food photos so much so that she just responds with a little sigh and says “Hurry up, have you taken it yet?”.

Now we can dig in…

I’m very picky with scallops. I adore them but I’ve sadly had times where I’ve had scallops that weren’t cooked properly and suffered from the consequences à la The Great Scallop Disaster of 2009. I stopped eating scallops for 2 years after becoming drastically ill 20 minutes after eating them at a very famous Seafood Restaurant in Merchant City that shall rename nameless. I’ve never set foot in that Restaurant after the incident. Shame really.

Back to Bo’Vine… My scallops were cooked perfectly. Just the way I like them. My starter tasted amazing. The Scallops with the Pork Belly and Pumpkin Puree worked so well together. I could have eaten it all over again. If I had to find a fault with it, I’d say I wasn’t keen on the Picked Walnuts, but that’s just because I don’t actually like walnuts unless they are surrounded by chocolate.

My mom’s starter could be passed off as a fancy Scottish Breakfast without the Square Sausage, tasting so much better, I might add. The Stornoway Black Pudding was moist and full of flavour, a perfect soft poached egg on top ready for the yolk to be burst all over the plate and a piece of crispy pancetta to complement it all.

Needless to say, we couldn’t wait for the main course.

Perfectly cooked Chateaubriand served in a giant frying pan, complete with a mountain of Triple Cooked Chips, Rocket & Parmesan Side Salads and a little pot of Fiery Peppercorn Sauce on the side. The thing I love about Chateaubriand is the cut of meat is so tender, full of flavour & of good quality. Not to mention, the fact you can build up your own plate full of food; as little or as much as you like.

The meat was so tender while cutting it, just the right amount of pink & tasted great. I couldn’t fault the meat one bit. It was a great cut, full of flavour, seasoned to perfection & melted in my mouth. The Triple Cooked Chips were unbelievable. So crispy on the outside, light & fluffy inside. I so need to try making them at home now. They are worth it! I’m a huge fan of Rocket & Parmesan Salad, so simple but so tasty. The only downside was, the Salad was rather salty. I’m not sure if it was seasoned with salt or another dressing but the taste of salt was evident. I’m not a huge fan of salty foods so the Salad wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. My mom however, said that the salad wasn’t that salty. This goes to show that everyone’s taste buds are different! Needless to say, I stuffed my face before starting to feel like I was going to explode. But I kept fighting through it! It was my birthday after all 😉

After a good break, I found the strength to want to order dessert. Only problem was, I couldn’t choose. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to. I ordered them all. Oh yes. I ordered the Bo’Vine Grand Dessert for Two which consisted of: Chocolate & Chestnut Brownie, White Chocolate & Caramel Bavoise, Vanilla Pod Crème Brûlée with a Walnut Biscotti, Iced Popcorn Parfait with a Salted Caramel Foam, Plum Crumble, Cherry Oil Cake & a Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae with Profiteroles.

All I can say is WOW! My favourites were the White Chocolate & Caramel Bavoise, Vanilla Pod Crème Brûlée and Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae with Profiteroles. I had no complaints about those 3. I could have eaten them again and again. The others? I wasn’t such a great fan of unfortunately. I found the Brownie rather dry, it needed a cream with it to give some moisture. The Iced Popcorn Parfait with a Salted Caramel Foam was far too sickly sweet. I could only have one spoonful of it before having to move on to the next dessert. The plum crumble was far too sweet for my liking as well, my mom devoured it though. I was now at the stage where I could hardly move & couldn’t face eating anything else so I didn’t try the Cherry Oil Cake. I left it for my mom to try, which she said was extremely nice. I just couldn’t eat anymore.

Would I go back to Bo’Vine? Yes. I’d have the exact same Starter & Main Course. Dessert? If I had any room left I’d choose the White Chocolate & Caramel Bavoise. I would recommend you try Bo’Vine if you’ve never been before, Chateaubriand a must.

Bo’Vine Meat and Wines
385 Byres Road, Glasgow G12 8AU.
Tel: 0141 341 6540

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  • Food - 8/10
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