I love nothing better than being a lazy butt watching TV all weekend long. I don’t think I could ever get bored of catching up on my favourite TV shows, staying in my PJ’s all day with mountains of snacks beside me, only getting up to go to the bathroom LOL…to me, that’s relaxation heaven!

I’m off work on a mini holiday until April 10th. I was supposed to be going to Paris but then passport-gate struck. My poor passport expired & I had no idea LOL. By the time I realised, the flights to Paris were at a crazy price due to it being the Easter period and the cost of renewing my passport at the same time meant I couldn’t do both. So… no Paris for me, for now. Spring time in Paris is my all time favourite as well *sigh*

Instead, I’m spending my time off doing what I love best… being a couch potato! Watching my favourite TV shows which are currently; Unforgettable, Body of Proof, Smash, NCIS & Criminal Minds. Being a bum on our huge leather sofa surrounded by lots of cushions & snacks! I’d rather be a couch potato on that fabric sofa above though! How amazing is that sofa? I don’t think I’d ever get off it though!

Work has pretty much got in the way of TV watching, I’m missing out on new TV shows & lost track on what episode I’ve caught up with after downloading them all! What are your favourite TV shows at the moment? Are you a couch potato like me? What’s your ideal way to spend time off work? Let me know 😀


  1. That is an awesome couch! And I love the table right behind it! Very cool, wood and metal, always a good combo! I can lay in that all day!

    I tried liking Unforgettable but it got boring! Check out Blue Bloods much better, The Good Wife, Persons of Interest Amazing Show!

  2. Awesome couch, shame about the small TV though. If I could have that couch with my big ass TV, I’d be in hawg heaven!

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