Shoes. Who doesn’t love them? From Casual Flats to Killer Heels…. all girls love them, some more than others. Personally, I have a love hate relationship with shoes. In my younger years, I used to walk around for hours in 5 inch heels with no problem, I could walk all around the malls in Kuwait with my killer heels, my feet never once hurt.

Fast forward a good few years later & a fractured coccyx, I had to give up my love of killer heels. I now rarely wear them because my feet & back end up killing me after an hour. It’s a shame really, why do killer heels need to look so pretty? Christian Louboutin teases me with shoes that I can never wear.

Instead, the 5’7 me wears flats on a day to day basis. Sure, I’m tall enough to not really need heels, but sometimes you want a little boost. Right?

In my work place, heels are not wise, especially with the amount of walking you need to do from one end to the other to get a good cup of coffee & food, so flats are the best thing ever to guarantee pain free toes. I was recently asked by Next to review a pair of shoes from their online collection. What girl could say no to a pair of shoes? Not me that’s for sure!

After browsing hundreds of shoes, wondering if I should get a pair of killer heels then being unable to walk in them, the practical me decided to get a pair of tan coloured loafers (approx £18) which I can colour co-ordinate with black & tan clothes (I’m a huge believer in colour co-ordination FYI!) in the office. Flat, so the potential of ripping my feet apart is limited & of course a pair that look good (you do get some hideous flat shoes!).

48 hours after ordering, they arrived at home. I took them out the box and my first thought was that they look even better than in the photograph online. The colour is a very intense tan colour which looks great with the clothes that I’d co-ordinate the shoes with. I tried them on and walked up and down the hall way to break them in a little.

Normally with wearing shoes for the first time, your feet would hurt after a while, but this was not the case with these shoes. Even after walking around for a good hour, my feet didn’t pinch, my heels didn’t rub or start burning which normally happens to me.

I ordered a Size 7 (41) and sometimes, depending on the style they can fit perfectly or be too tight, these fit perfectly. I was a little hesitant at first after I ordered the size, then I thought to myself, if they don’t fit me perfectly, then my mom could have them as she is a perfect Size 7.

Luckily for me, my mom never got to steal the shoes. She did however, model them for me so I could take photographs….

I have since worn the shoes to work several times, walked from one end of the campus to the other, went shopping after work in them & my feet are still in one piece, for a change! They were a great work wear choice & I’ve purchased a few other pairs of flat shoes from Next with the same pain free results.


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  1. Looks awesome I too have forsaken heels for flats but I miss heels they give me that oooomph I look for when wearing whatever it is I wear! 😛

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