My sister in law Lisa gave birth to my little nephew Oliver yesterday morning at 12:44am weighing 5lbs 10.5oz (2.55kg). He is such a little cutie. Adorable to the max! It is the first baby for my brother Andrew & Lisa after they got married last year. He was born via emergency c-section after the baby was in distress but everything is all okay now. Oliver is really tiny though, which you can see from the photos below & of him grabbing my mom’s finger! When I held him, it was like I was carrying a bottle of juice he was that light! Normal sized newborn baby clothes are too big for him so my mom & I had to go out yesterday afternoon to get “tiny” baby clothes that would fit him. Even nappies/diapers are a nightmare to find, he’s a Size 0/1 but hopefully he will start to grow into all the clothes that were bought for him.

He’s going to be so spoilt.

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  1. Congrats to your family! And now we will be forever linked because your nephew and I are separated by 1 day for our birthdays 😛

    Hehe hope everyone is great!

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