Those of you who follow me on twitter knew of my ongoing saga of trying to find a new digital camera. Thankfully, 3 weeks later, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a digital camera that I saw from the very start which impressed me. After buying the camera from Currys, I was approached asking if I’d like to review their website for them, so I thought… why not! I am after all a consumer. I buy from that store, I’m a recent buyer & I’m as good as any person to show my experiences on using the website. I purchased the PANASONIC Lumix DMC-FZ45 Hybrid Super Zoom Digital Camera & it’s love at first snap.

I’ve decided to jazz things up a little & made a video post showing a run through of the website from my eyes showcasing the best digital cameras, the cheap cameras, compact digital cameras to the best compact camera with the joys of listening to my voice. I am pretty exhausted after getting up at 5:30am all week, so sorry if I make you fall asleep, it’s not intentional 😀

So in summary, I loved how detailed the website was in regards to the amount of information that is given per camera. I love how you can narrow your searches down quickly & easily, also viewing other cameras that people have viewed alongside the one you are currently viewing giving you other options within the same price range. I had hoped that the website would have shown more photographs of the actual digital cameras, maybe a 360 degree angle video image so you can see how big the camera is, the buttons etc, but so you have a better idea in your head what you will be receiving.

I loved the fact that the reviews given are very well laid out, they are from confirmed buyers of the camera who give open & honest reviews based on their experiences with the camera and give marks on a variety of different aspects. Another feature which is great is being able to ask a buyer how they find the camera, it’s one thing reading all the specs, but being able to ask someone who bought the camera how they find it & put it to use is an amazing feature.

One thing I didn’t like was that I had problems trying to compare different brands of cameras, I may have been doing something wrong but I couldn’t figure out how to compare a Nikon Camera to the Camera I later ended up buying. Maybe a complete n00b, but every time I clicked the little button and then went to another camera, it reset my selection making it impossible for me. That is a feature that I’d like to see improved (or discussed in more detail on how to use if it exists!).

When doing the screen recording & demoing the check out cart, I would have liked to been told when stock is likely to be back in store, a form or something to ask when it would be next in store, sign up on a waiting list for the product or be notified when it is next in stock which websites like Amazon do.

Overall, my experience as a consumer with Currys was great. My camera was shipped on Next Day Delivery & I haven’t regretted my purchase one bit, well…. maybe the fact I haven’t been able to go out & about with it as much as I’d like due to work and crazy weather conditions!


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