I have this habit of making sure everything I wear is color co-ordinated. I hate wearing clothes that do not match. A pet hate of mine is seeing other people wearing mismatched clothing. I annoy my mother if I see her wearing clothes that for me, do not match. I’m pretty sure I annoy others too! A slight OCD? Possibly!

I was recently looking for something to wear for New Years Eve & came across Steffen Schraut Designs. I fell in love this his entire collection, especially the red & black dresses. I’m not the type of girl who would normally wear dresses, except when going to a wedding, like I did when my brother got married last year and one of my closest friends. I wore a Red, Black & White dress to my friends wedding & fell in love with the design & colours matched together. I haven’t really needed to wear a dress since. I’m not a huge fan of my legs so like hiding behind trousers. But every so often, I spot dresses which could tempt me….

Black Apilado Beaded Sleeve Tunic Dress and Lipstick La Vida Color Block Dress are drop dead gorgeous!

But a dress cannot be truly perfect until you match a great pair of shoes. What shoes? Going with the Red & Black theme… Christian Louboutin of course! In particular, Bibi 140mm. To. Die. For.

Now all that’s left is for me to lose weight so I don’t look like an elephant in a dress.

Heh. I’m on a mission.


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