Working in IT & Coffee are a natural partnership. I can sit at my desk at work, drink over 6 cups a day then go home and have some more. I crave coffee, I want coffee, I love coffee and I find people who don’t, strange. I was recently sent 250g of Guatemala Finca Santa Clara Genuine Antigua Coffee from Kopi who are a monthly gourmet coffee company & spent an entire evening drinking an obscene amount of coffee within a brink of overdosing, enjoying every last mouthful 😀

Kopi love coffee. Our premium bean habit warms us up, wakes us up and inspires us to shake things up. Too long we’ve put up with one-size-fits-all coffee from supermarkets and only danced around posher brews. Until now.

Kopi are dedicated to bringing you outstanding single-estate coffees from around the world. Beautiful, freshly-roasted brews you won’t find in the usual places – delivered straight to your doorstep, once a month.

We also share our insider knowledge on how to get the best out of your coffee – how to make it, how to enjoy its perkily unique characteristics – and reveal some of the remarkable stories behind each one. All for the price of two grande lattes and a banana muffin.

Guatemala Finca Santa Clara Genuine Antigua Coffee was their October blend which is described as “a lovely full body, filling the mouth with a generous, lingering velvetiness & prized for its pronounced, well balanced chocolatey/spicy acidity”. One thing I love about Kopi is that you can learn all about the coffee you are drinking. The website explains where the coffee originates from, the history behind it, how it is prepared and processed which is something you generally wouldn’t expect to find.

So the tasting began. I got my cafetière, put 4 scoops of freshly grounded coffee beans into it, topped it all up with water & let it settle for a few minutes before pushing the plunger down. I poured a cup, added a tiny bit of milk & waited. The first thing that hit me was the smell of the coffee. It was amazing. One of my favourite things ever is the smell of fresh coffee. I took a sip & as the coffee was described, it was velvety & very very drinkable. I poured over 8 cups of the coffee in the end & kept wanting more. Addicted? Yes. I’ve never tried Guatemalan coffee before and probably would never have if it wasn’t introduced to me by Kopi.

I love the idea of Kopi. What better way of being introduced to a variety of different coffees from all over the world by being sent a surprise 250g package monthly along with a little booklet describing it in detail? Kopi have a team of dedicated “professional coffee gurus” (I so want that job!) who have close relationships with the world’s best coffee regions and farmers. The coffee they select, from over 80 countries worldwide, is not available at your local supermarket so you’ve probably never been introduced to it before, making it extremely special.

Our focus is obsessively on unearthing outstanding original coffees – well-farmed top quality beans that have an amazing aroma, taste and a strong story. They could be from award- winning single estates or simple small co-operative farms – wherever the best beans are at that time of year.

Kopi is a monthly subscription service & subscriptions start at £9 a month for a 250g bag of coffee, you can choose between grounded or beans depending on your preference. Your coffee is posted to you around the 14th of every month, you can cancel your subscription at any time if you are not happy & you can even gift a subscription of coffee to someone, an amazing gift for a coffee addict in your life!

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