At the start of November, I told my dad about Movember and how they raise money for various cancer charities in the UK & also the world by getting guys to grow a moustache. His response? How do I sign up! That is how awesome he is 😀

A few days later, I got started on his Movember page. He started off by shaving clean & they the growing began! Within a few days, he has already got a few donations but I would really really like him to get more. That is where you guys come in, if you could donate anything, even something small to help him raise money for charity we’d really appreciate it. On his Movember page you’ll see photos of his moustache as it grows along with funny quotes by him. I’d love you guys forever if you could spare any $$ & in return you’d feel good helping to fight cancer!

If you’d like to donate, please click here

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  1. That’s an awesome cause and I really liked it!

    Best of luck to your dad and here’s hoping he raising a butt load of cash for cancer research 😀

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