On Sunday night, I finally got to see one of my favourite singers; Adele in concert. I’ve been dying to see her in concert since her debut album came out however I was never that lucky! Way back in February when I knew she was coming to Glasgow in April, I tried to get tickets but they all sold out. A few weeks later, they released tickets for her September show & I woke up really early to get the pre-sale tickets to ensure I got them! For months & months I waited, finally the show date came around at Glasgow’s O2 Academy & she didn’t disappoint. She is flawless!

Before she hit the stage, two support acts; The Civil Wars & Amos Lee entertained the audience. I had never heard of either of them before Sunday but they impressed me. The Civil Wars consist of Joy Williams and John Paul White who sang songs from their album Barton Hollow which was released in February in the States. I loved their voices together, great soulful voices & harmonies. They also sang a cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean with a country feel to it which was amazing! Amos Lee to me sounds like a black soul singer from New Orleans in a white guys body. His voice is insane! He sang songs from his album Mission Bell which debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts the week it was released. My favourite off his album is Flowers which is really soulful (a must must must hear!). He also sang a cover of Ain’t No Sunshine which is one of my all time favourite songs originally by Bill Withers (but I like the Al Green version!). One thing I hated though was the fact that most of the crowd were talking really loud during their performances. I’d say 80% didn’t really care they were up on stage & to me, it was pretty rude of them but I guess all they were interested in was Adele.

Adele came on stage at 9pm opening with Hometown Glory from her album 19, she sang a range of songs from 19 & 21 including, Chasing Pavements, Make You Feel My Love, My Same, If It Hadn’t Been For Love, Rolling In The Deep, Someone like You & a cover of one of her favourite songs I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt & Love Song by The Cure. I wish she sang for longer & longer. I could honestly listen to her on repeat all day long & not get sick of her.

Even though she had to cancel dates at the beginning of her UK tour due to another chest infection, she didn’t let that phase her. Instead she laughed & joked about it with the crowd saying “I had to cancel six of the dates on the tour. I won’t bore you with the details but I had to phlegm all over the audience in Leicester”. Her infectious laugh made everyone laugh along with her while sipping warm honey throughout, even if she wished she had a large glass (bottle!) of red wine!

Throughout the concert, she took the time to chat away to the crowd, told us how much of a w*nker her ex-boyfriend was, how she has started slowly becoming friends with her ex for the best & the stories behind some of her hits. She was so down to earth unlike other “stars” in the music industry & it was really refreshing to finally get the chance to see her like that, live.

Her voice was incredible live, it was breathtaking. You have to see her live in concert if you haven’t already because it is completely utterly unbelievable the powerfulness & soulfulness of her voice that leaves everyone with goosebumps & in awe of her. My friend Gillian & I were lucky that we got to the very front of the stage before the concert started so got an amazing view, wish we were a little more to the centre of the stage rather than to the left but at least we were front row & not all the way back in amongst the crowd.

The best part of the concert was when she sang Someone Like You, she started singing, then stopped a few seconds into it saying “sorry, my first ever sing-a-long to this was in Glasgow’s ABC in April, so do it louder, let’s do it again…”. The entire crowd then sang throughout the song, it was insane! The atmosphere was indescribable. At points, she stopped singing, letting the crowd take over & you could tell she was totally overwhelmed at everyone singing her song. When the song finished, everyone was clapping like crazy, cheering, banging their feet & she started crying saying “Thank you very much Glasgow, you’re so kind, thank you! I couldn’t hear myself throughout that”

I did nothing but snap photos & take videos of her so I could watch it all back again & again. I’m so glad that the majority of the photos came out really well. I’ve posted the photos I took at the concert below & the videos will be uploaded in another blog post because there are so many of them, don’t want you all overdosing! 😀

Adele is hands down amazingly beautiful both inside & out. Fact.

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