When I was younger, I loved nothing better than to go out all the time, run around crazily with my friends & basically never sit still. Now I’m in my late 20’s & there is nothing better than chilling out & relaxing on the sofa watching tv, listening to music, napping & reading a book. Signs of me getting old? I think so. But it’s amazing. So amazing I have even invested in a Slanket. Yes, I just admitted that to the world but there is nothing better than a huge bucket of popcorn, watching a movie in your PJ’s curled up on the sofa.

For me, sofas need be to huge, comfy as anything with huge pillows. The type of sofa that you can bury yourself in & never want to get up (same goes for beds really!). Leather or Fabric, I have no favourites as long as they make you never want to get up. While we were renovating my grandfather’s house as previously said in a past post, choosing the furnishing was the biggest job as to me, the furniture makes a home. My mom looked around online at different sofas, she has a specific idea in mind especially since my dad basically told her “I want this, not that, this colour, not that”. So before looking we all had a specific image in our head what we wanted, but didn’t know if we could get it. One thing for sure is that it had to be leather and black to match a colour scheme that my parents had in mind for the living room. That is what we eventually got.

Recently I’ve been looking at some CSL Sofa’s wishing that when my bedroom was being built, I could have had enough space for my own dedicated sofa that I could escape to, rather than in the living room. I opted for a walk-in wardrobe instead & I’m not sure no matter how comfy a sofa was, if I’d give that up hahaha

What is your luxury at home? Are you a couch potato like me?

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  1. I have to be able to run around! Can’t just sit at home! Need to get things done but there are those days where I want to stay still and do nothing!

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