When I was a younger, I had a 3D Architecture program that I used to play with on my computer. I used to envision creating my own house, designing the interiors & fitting it out with my favourite colours & furniture. I used to decide where I wanted the light and power sockets to do, how big I wanted the rooms, where furniture would be placed & what colour the walls were. This was my dream plan as a little girl.

Nowadays, I’m more realistic and realise that I’d probably never get to build my own house from scratch, but eventually I shall be able to own my own place & make it mine by interior design. I love watching Grand Designs, Restoration Man, Extreme Makeover Home Edition & The Home Show.

When my parents bought my grandfathers house shortly after his death, we got an extension. My dad created a drawing on how he wanted the extension, how many rooms, what walls to pull down & I loved the fact that my parents could do that. When it came to my bedroom, I have control about where I wanted power sockets, heaters, my walk-in wardrobe and doors. I remember that I was unhappy about where the doors were doing to be aligned to enter my walk-in wardrobe and demanded they were changed, not sure the builders were happy at the fact they had to move them, but after all, my parents were paying for it to be built how we wanted it. End result? I love it. I have also come to the conclusion that I like perfectly aligned lines, maybe I have an OCD?

Then Google Sketchup was created & I’ve become obsessed again with drawing & creating my own place. Maybe it’s my mind telling me that I’m now 29 & it’s about time I get my own place? Sadly, that won’t happen anytime soon unless I win the lottery LOL

I’ve started looking at websites thinking “oh I’d love those corner sofas in my living room”, “I wish my kitchen was like that” or “I love that entire bedroom layout”. So much so that I now have plans in my head to re-design my bedroom.

My bedroom is still pretty much a blank canvas, it has pine wooden flooring, white doors, light blue walls & that is it. I haven’t properly designed it & keep looking at TV Shows along with design websites for inspiration on how I want my bedroom to eventually look with accessories.

The result is this photograph. I’m in love with everything in this bedroom (except the light!).

If I did have my own place & had full control over the entire design, then the following photographs are how I’d potentially style it. Big comfy corner sofas, light colours, cushions, art work, lots of light & most of all, coziness.


  1. There is a reason why we are best friends hehe we share the same thoughts and features most of the time. I feel the same way I keep trying to design for my future home (not sure if I will ever have one) hehe but that’s how I look at things hehe 😛 Oh well congrats on the newly improved design!

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