In June last year, these lonely heart cards kept popping up every now & then at the bus stop near my house. Every few months, they re-appear, only to vanish again a few days later. I’m not 100% sure if they are fake or if is a real life guy actually looking for love & has no other way to find a woman than to advertise himself & his erm… wacky personality at the local bus stop. I keep trying to imagine what he looks like. So far, my imagination is envisioning a short, fat guy with a fluffy jumper collection, who irons EVERYTHING, has beer bottle glasses & bad body odour 😛

I have to say that it’s hilarious reading them while waiting for my bus into the city & often wonder if anyone actually messages him. Reading them kind of makes me think he’s your classic loner serial killer though, so I’m not too sure he’s been lucky with the ladies. Saying that, he is handy with a tea towel & does seem to love washing up LOL 😀

Know anyone who we could hook him up with? Let’s make love happen! <3


  1. I think they are probably real – surely fakers would have got bored by now. It’s strangely poignant I think. I wish him the best of luck!

    PS: It’s not me, by the way!

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