June 2010, It was a beautiful hot day in Hyde Park London where Mr. & Miss Policy were holding hands and walking around the lake when Miss. Policy got a brilliant idea. She thought to herself that tshirts never go out of the fashion. After much more thought she whispered her idea to Mr.Policy.Mr. Policy wasn’t convinced but said a yes to Miss Policy. She sat under the tree and drew ideas & more ideas until she finally made a few designs which they both loved. At last Mr. Policy couldn’t reject Miss Policy & they started their brand T-Shirt Policy & Lived T-Shirtly Ever After.

T-Shirt Policy London was founded in 2010, where they state that “nothing is more glamorous than a t-shirt”. The inspirations behind the collection comes from the World of Fashion & Art with a crisp white t-shirt & unique black print which is eye catching & one of a kind. As well as the standard collection, they also have limited edition t-shirts which are exclusively finished by hand. Each t-shirt is uniquely screen printed by hand.

T-Shirt Policy will be exclusively available on ASOS Worldwide from today by going to the Boutique page. You can also check them out on Facebook & on Twitter while their official website is Under Construction.

All the t-shirts in the collection come in the sizes Small, Medium & Large or from Sizes 6-14 ranging from £20.

I’m in love with the Coco Where Is Chanel tee & so proud of my friend who is the brains behind T-Shirt Policy <3 [gallery exclude="4657" columns="5"]


  1. That looks awesome I love T-Shirts so to have those available is like a life-saver and it’s been like this forever my sisters are all anti-tshirts whereas I am the opposite!

  2. hello

    what is the official website for t-shirt policy london boutique ?

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