Technology, Restaurants, Clothing, Movies, Gadgets, Books, Beauty Products & Hotels. A few things that are reviewed online, but do they actually influence you & make you want to purchase something?

For me, when I want to buy something expensive like a new digital camera, laptop or phone, I will generally read everything & anything I can find out about it. After reading the reviews from other consumers & their personal opinions, I will then decide whether or not to purchase that item. I’m VERY picky when I want to buy a gadget as I know that I will be spending a lot of money & I want to make sure I’m spending it very wisely.

I myself have started product reviewing as you have probably already seen if you frequent my blog, but do you actually read, take notice and/or influenced by my opinions? I know that several people I know via Twitter & Facebook have been to restaurants/cafes that I’ve recommended based on my reviews of them such as @iLovePinto & Restaurant Bar & Grill in Glasgow. That makes me happy in a way, because people actually listen to me (ha!) and also because it is somewhere that I love & want to see succeed, especially if they are a new establishment.

According to a study by Social Commerce Today, within the UK:
1. 61% of people read online reviews for products and service
2. 75% of people compare prices online
3. 49% of people post online reviews
4. 64% trust review from other consumers
5. 58% trust reviews from professional reviewers
6. 67% of people will have changed their minds about buying a product after reading 3 negative reviews

Do you agree with those figures & results? How far do product reviews influence you & would you change your mind about buying a product due to bad reviews or would you rather test it yourself & make up your own mind?


  1. I like most of your reviews, wither that was products, restaurants or even sites. But you have to notice that some of not most of your readers are from overseas who might not have access to some to any thing you review.

    It does not mean we weren’t influenced but it means we can’t reach them or respond to your review 🙂

  2. I trust reviews from people who know what they are talking about when it comes to the subject! Such as yourself! 😀

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