A few days ago I decided to take my mom out for a late lunch & decided upon The Restaurant Bar & Grill Glasgow after always walking past them in Princes Square yet never actually going in (I’m normally a fan of Zizzi’s & the annoyingly amazing Garlic Bread Sticks!).

It was pretty quiet when we got there, after lunch but before the dinner rush so the service was really fast. I was seriously hungry (when am I not?!) so ordered the Tempura of King Prawns with Chilli and Lime Jam then the Chargrilled Sirlon Steak Sandwich with Fries and Bearnaise Sauce. My mom shared my starter but because, according to the waitress, didn’t want my mom to be left out, got my mom some Garlic Bread with Chimichurri Salsa. She then had the Roast Chicken Club Sandwich with Fries.

The Tempura was amazing. You could tell the King Prawns were fresh & cooked properly. In so many places I’ve eaten in, when I’ve ordered Prawns, it’s like Russian Roulette. They are either overcooked and rubbery, or undercooked and stringy. These on the otherhand weren’t! The Chilli Jam was a really nice accompaniment as well even though I would have liked it being hotter!

My Chargrilled Sirlon Steak Sandwich was, to date, the BEST Steak Sandwich I’ve ever had. Hands down. 100%. THE BEST. I asked for the Steak to be Medium but when I got it, it was a little more overcooked than I would have liked but the meat was so tender & juicy. I loved the bread that it was served in as well, I think it was a Ciabatta but I couldn’t be 100% sure. The only thing I didn’t like was the Bearnaise Sauce. I’ve never been a huge Bearnaise fan. Some people are, I’m more a Peppercorn girl. I will for sure be having the exact same order next time I go & asking for Peppercorn sauce instead!

My mom’s Club Sandwich was HUGE! While ordering, the waitress listed the ingredients within the sandwich incase of allergies which was really good (it was the egg mainly she focused on). The sandwich looked amazing & if I wasn’t so full from my Steak Sandwich, I would have stolen a triangle! My mom could only manage half of it as it was so filling but she really enjoyed it. With any Club Sandwich, there is always an element of mess but that’s part of the fun!





Overall, the food was amazing. The service was quick & staff very friendly. I would really recommend going to the restaurant if you’ve never been before or going back again if you haven’t been for a while!. I know I will!

The Restaurant Bar & Grill Glasgow is located on the 2nd Floor of Princes Square.

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  • Food - 9/10
  • Service - 8/10
  • Value - 7/10

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