My first cupcake order, EVER! I made 50 Safari cupcakes for a 1st Birthday Party & these were the results. It took me a few hours over 2 days to make them all (in between working full time in my real job!). The cupcakes are a mix of vanilla & double chocolate. I revamped my recipes this time around & the chocolate cupcakes came out better than EVER. My secret? Sour Cream. Yes, Sour Cream! It is a handy trick that keeps your cupcakes moist!



I love baking, it relaxes me but I don’t think I could ever bake full time, I’d lose the love I have for it & I never want that to happen. Ever. Nope. Not at all. I’d much rather do the odd mass bake-a-thon <3 [gallery columns="5"]


  1. Not only am I sure that they tasted fantastic, but the presentation is fabulous. Good work 🙂

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