Recently, I was sent a product by Nougat London to review. Nougat London was first established in 1990 in London’s West End and the first collection was inspired by the glamour and intrigue of film noir, focusing on the refined elegance of screen sirens of yesteryear. In 2000, the Body to Home range was launched to enable customers to further indulge. 11 years later, the Body to Home range goes from strength strength. Nougat London uses only the finest ingredients to create their products and never test on animals. All products are also manufactured within the UK using traditional manufacturing techniques to ensure the standard of quality.

The product I was sent was a 50ml glass jar of Nurturing Hand Cream in the signature Tuberose & Jasmine fragrance. The signature fragrance “is a delicate floral fragrance with the unique notes of the Tuberose flower and the light fragrance of the white Jasmine blossom. Blending the sweet notes of warm milk and white peach with the richer notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, vanilla & musk”.

When I opened the parcel, I was met by a beautifully designed jar, very simplistic in design. Upon opening the jar, there was a nice subtle fragrance which was not overpowering like some can be. I applied a little onto my hands & instantly noticed that it wasn’t greasy like some hand creams I have previously used. Even though I put a little too much on my hands than was actually needed, it dried in quickly which was great. I used the hand cream on my cuticles as well. I’m now 3 months strong without biting my nails so am trying to do everything possible to keep them looking pretty & resist the urge to nibble! After the cream dried in, it left a nice after smell which I loved. I ended up using the cream on my arms as well (yes I know you are only really supposed to use it on your hands, but where is the harm?!?). I’ve now used the cream for several weeks & have been noticing a difference in the softness of my hands which usually end up as dry as anything after spending the entire day typing away at a computer. It’s also a great size to pop into my handbag as well!

The jar of Nurturing Hand Cream by Nougat London costs £7.00 for the 50ml version & is stocked in upmarket department stores such as John Lewis & Harrods as well as independent boutiques throughout the UK. You can also purchase it online at Nougat’s website.

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